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Build a customer community that lasts.


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It’s hard to create a community that works for customers, execs, and teams who oversee it.

Customers only join if they can self-serve, share ideas, and get instant answers. Leaders want rapid ROI. Yet the teams who build and manage it often feel under-prepared or under-resourced to deliver.

Not with Khoros. 

Our next gen community management software enables companies to build and scale communities faster, with far fewer resources. With 25 years of experience, world-class services, and 100s of thriving communities, we help you create a community that lasts.


Reduce service & support costs

Your business can’t afford to waste agent time on simple requests. Deflect expensive calls and boost self-service by creating a central place for customers to ask questions, access knowledge, and get tips from peers and your brand. Uncover and resolve issues fast through a one-to-many approach.


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Community content management

Community moderation

Community moderation

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Community automation

Reduce service and support costs
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Microsoft Power BI saves +$1 million a month in deflected support call costs.

Explore Khoros community management software.

Khoros Communities provides everything needed to build an enterprise-class online community and scale engagement – with less resources, complexity, and cost.

Design a brand-approved community without custom code. Get expert-created templates and a simple, drag-and-drop interface to customize page layouts, navigation, brand themes and more.

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Cultivate two-way dialogue with members. Use a host of built-in styles to fuel interaction, including blogs, discussion forums, Q&A, feedback and ideas, private messages, and more.

Produce high-quality community content quickly. Let subject matter experts craft visual posts or articles with ease. Tag, review, edit, and schedule go-live fast. Archive content to remove noise.

Make members feel valued. Review posts and conversations from across your community. Respond, approve, or reject in seconds. Get advanced tools for high-volume agent response.

Help moderators work smarter not harder. Let AI pick-up on discussion intent and sentiment. Use automation to filter, tag, prioritize, route, and remove offensive content.

Motivate behavior that fuels member participation. Score 80+ activities, produce leaderboards, and spotlight champions with unique badges, ranks, permissions, and more.

Keep your community healthy and engaged. Use dashboards, reports, and benchmark data to track visits, usage, trending topics, interaction preferences, agent responsiveness, and more.

Integrations, Security & More

Enterprise System Integrations

We make it easy to connect your community to your company’s data and systems.

Security & Compliance

We commit to protect your company and your customers.

Community Administration

We empower you to tailor settings, user roles, and permissions to your unique business.


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“The Microsoft Power BI Community grew over 600% from its initial launch, but our support headcount remained flat. We’ve seen millions of dollars in deflected support costs because of our community’s peer-to-peer support, but most importantly, our customers are happier.”

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Sandy Rivas
Senior Program Manager

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“After successfully piloting and achieving business objectives, obtaining a positive ROI, and receiving favorable feedback from our user base, senior executives readily invested in the Community without opposition.”

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Imad Daoud
Senior Manager, Digital Support
Bell Canada

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“Every one of us holds part of the answer to our customers’ questions. Our Community allows us to ensure that our customers benefit from the power of our collective intelligence.”

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JP Bonnafoux
VP Growth & Success, Digital Business
Schneider Electric

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“The Community has transformed our support organization. We have greatly improved the customer experience by providing our members with digitally relevant, expert information at the right time, in the right place, with minimal effort.”

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Suzanne Macaluso
Sr. Advisor, Digital Platforms

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      Frequently asked questions

      Companies create brand communities for many different purposes. The most successful communities start with a clearly articulated vision and one primary objective and executive sponsor. A vision helps a brand attract an audience with similar needs, and build the community to deliver what members need and expect from that community. The most common use cases for communities include:

      • Customer service, support and customer success community

      • Product or service innovation community

      • Developer, partner or expert network for fostering knowledge and resources

      While most communities start with a primary purpose, it often becomes a valuable resource for many business functions and needs. Communities offer a rich, always-on source of customer insight and feedback. This insight can fuel product innovation, marketing campaigns, new market or segment growth strategies, merger and acquisition ideas, and more. Within a well-established community, companies also discover brand ambassadors, influencers and customer advocates who champion their brand. With all the user-generated content, online communities also fuel organic search results.