Online brand communities
for big businesses

We help brands create digital spaces where customers can get answers, connect with peers, and share new ideas. We’d love to show you how.

Everything you want from online brand communities — and a whole lot more.

Khoros Communities gives you a branded, interactive platform to transform search, evaluation, purchase, and support interactions into connected learning experiences.

  • Attract more visitors and build trust: Make yourself easier to find by hosting authentic conversations.
  • Increase innovation and delight: Uncover new ideas and improve service by engaging and empowering dedicated experts.
  • Expert community management: Real-time analytics, advanced moderation tools, and robust content management foster more productive and positive engagement.
  • Integrations: Power your community and increase your team’s efficiency. Use our Slack integration to never miss a chance to connect with your community.

How our online community platform helps your brand

Reduce support costs and accelerate resolution

Create a peer-to-peer hub for your customers to share their expertise, learn, and get answers to their most pressing questions; any time, anywhere. Deflect support inquiries by enabling customers to easily find the information they need.

Increase brand awareness & loyalty

Customers expect instant answers and authentic engagement. A community is a space to engage directly with peers and experts at any time, at scale.

Improve customer experience

Crowdsourcing knowledge and building experts means you can answer more questions faster: a key differentiator when everyone needs answers they can trust and verify instantly.

You’ve got options. Why choose Khoros Communities?

Communities are complex, living entities. Only Khoros combines 20 years of experience with the technology, support, and insights needed to ensure your community grows to support your customers, employees, partners, and beyond.

  • Expert services for successful enterprise communities combine the most robust technology with 20+ years of experience.
  • Analytics and management tools to drive ROI easily measure and benchmark performance. Advanced moderation and management tools to efficiently scale.
  • Bespoke, extensible brand experiences a fully configurable platform lets you match your unique brand experiences, and then embed anywhere.
  • Advanced engagement and gamification Increase traffic and engagement with advanced tools like community syndication and sophisticated gamification.
  • Seamlessly integrate into business systems such as CRM, SSO, Marketing Automation, LMS and much more.
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Let’s run the numbers


return on investment in 3 years with Khoros Communities

Discover the value you can unlock with our business value calculator. We’re here to help leading enterprises reduce support costs and grow by increasing customer revenue and retention.

Khoros is a platform for digital-first customer engagement

We offer one platform, powered by connection, to create a seamless digital experience for your customers. Combine online brand communities with digital customer care and social media for the highest ROI.

Digital-first customer service

Serve customers on their digital channels of choice with smart automation and operational analytics.

Social media marketing and management

Orchestrate, govern, and measure social media campaigns that drive business results.