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We help the world's biggest brands build high-performing communities to boost customer success and organic growth.

Engage, connect and succeed with Khoros Communities

Khoros Communities provides a brand-owned destination for customers to engage, self-serve, collaborate, and educate each other on their products, experience, and service.

  • Fuel customer engagement: Foster a sense of belonging and loyalty by providing a space for customers to connect with each other and with your brand.
  • Provide support and self-service: Empower customers to find answers to their questions and troubleshoot issues with the help of a knowledgeable community.
  • Encourage product feedback and ideation: Gather valuable insights and feedback from your community members to improve your products and services.
  • Foster brand advocacy: Activate your community members as brand advocates who can spread positive word-of-mouth and attract new customers.
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing: Build a repository of valuable information that can be accessed by both customers and internal teams, driving efficiency and collaboration.

The next generation of Khoros Communities

Introducing a game-changing new version of Khoros Communities — bringing a simpler, faster, and more powerful experience.

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Trusted by more than 2,000 brands

How Khoros Communities helps your brand

Reduce support and marketing costs

Cut costs by deflecting support call volume, improving agent efficiency, and lowering the total cost of ownership through streamlined operations and automation. Reduce acquisition costs by generating high-ranking user-generated content that attracts new customers and generates valuable brand-owned data.

Increase customer lifetime value

Boost customer lifetime value by empowering post-sales success, streamlining information access across disparate blogs and knowledge bases, and enhancing the community experience through expert coaching and partnership.

Drive revenue growth and innovation

Accelerate organic growth by fostering product awareness and adoption, enabling direct sales through peer recommendations, boosting customer advocacy by engaging with your most passionate customers, and turbocharging innovation with on-demand customer research and robust analytics.

“The Microsoft Power BI Community grew over 600% from its initial launch, but our support headcount remained flat. We’ve seen millions of dollars in deflected support costs because of our community’s peer-to-peer support, but most importantly, our customers are happier.”

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

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Khoros named a leader in the IDC MarketScape:

Worldwide Collaboration and Community Applications 2021 Vendor Assessment

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A leader in customer satisfaction

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Award-winning communities for enterprise brands

  • Scale blue

    Unmatched scale & performance

    Scale to enterprise requirements: Robust management includes 100+ configurable permissions, support multiple communities and languages in a single instance

  • Moderation blue

    Enhanced moderation & workflows

    Operationalize community management. Beyond simple approvals: automatic tagging, routing, and prioritization. No other community solution provides community management at scale.

  • Fingertips blue

    Data at your fingertips

    Own your data and take action easily with real-time analytics, shareable dashboards, and benchmarks from 400+ brand communities with billions of visitors.

  • Security blue

    Robust spam management, privacy, and security

    Save time and maintain healthy communities with configurable spam management, profanity and abuse detection, workflow automation for moderators, and industry-leading privacy and security.

  • Gamification blue


    Motivate participation and deepen engagement. Motivate customers to engage with your brand and each other. Encourage sharing and help build trust.

  • Syndication blue

    Community Syndication

    Place community content throughout your website and make every customer interaction a conversation. Embed FAQs from forums. Automate purchase validation from product feedback.

You’ve got options. Why choose Khoros Communities?

Unlock limitless community success with Khoros, the reigning leader in empowering Fortune 100 success stories. Experience unparalleled value through constant innovation and groundbreaking tools, fueling community members, managers, and developers to create unrivaled online communities.

  • For Members: Ignite customer success with the broadest set of engagement features and interaction styles on the market. Motivate ongoing engagement with our patented rank and reputation engine, while enjoying seamless experiences through our next-gen web framework. Responsive, user-friendly, and accessible on web and mobile, we redefine design excellence.
  • For Managers: Supercharge your efficiency. Experience automation, AI orchestration, and hassle-free no-code tools that revolutionize community management. Say goodbye to mundane tasks and hello to strategic success as you unlock more time for game-changing strategies.
  • For Developers: Embrace simplicity, flexibility, and limitless scalability. Seamlessly integrate with your tech stack for maximum ROI. With our developer-friendly flow and API-first architecture, building impactful integrations becomes faster and easier, extending your community's reach like never before.
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Things to think about

How to provide self-service support and loyalty through community?

Reduce support costs and build knowledge with community-driven self-service. Increase retention and loyalty by hosting transparent, direct online conversations, and connecting customers with each other.

Do you need to prove and extend community value?

Khoros has the data, tools, and expertise to help brands and our customers prove value, manage efficiently, and get the most out of their investments.

What channel integrations do you need?

Khoros Communities connects and integrates with any technology stack to be built onto your web domain. Streamline communication with your community through our Slack integration. You can also embed your community content throughout your site through Community Syndication.

“The Visa Developer community page is the most visited page on the Visa Developer Center. We have increased users by more than 124% with more engagement than ever before.”

— Director of Community, Visa

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Award-winning services because software is only part of the solution

Khoros offers full-service community management across a variety of channels and use cases. Knowing each brand’s needs are different, we’ll create a tailor-made community management plan to meet specific community management needs. Our expertise includes:

  • Community Strategy: Great communities are intentional and have a clear purpose. Our industry-leading Community Strategists can work with you to articulate the purpose, goals, and measurable objectives for your community, and provide a roadmap of capabilities that are aligned with your business needs.
  • Experience Design: Khoros offers user journey mapping, heuristic analysis, and design workshops for brand conscious customers that are looking to provide a unique community experience to their audiences.
  • Development & Launch Services: Bring your community ambitions to life with the team that has launched more successful communities that any other company. We have deep experience integrating Community with the leading Identity Providers (Single Sign-On) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services. Migrating data from an existing source? Not a problem. We have migrated hundreds of communities, with the least disruption possible.

  • Ongoing Management: Scale your team with contract resources to manage, moderate, and monitor your community.

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Let’s run the numbers


return on investment in 3 years with Khoros Communities

Discover the value you can unlock with our business value calculator. We’re here to help leading enterprises reduce support costs and grow by increasing customer revenue and retention.

“We want the Samsung Member Community to be the destination for customers to find peer-to-peer support and for our most loyal customers to connect around Samsung products.”

Senior Program Manager, Digital CX, Samsung Electronics America

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    year-over-year increase in accepted solutions

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Community Management Software FAQs

  • What is online community management software?

  • What are the benefits of online community management software?

  • Who uses online community management software?

  • What are the key features of online community management software?

  • What should you look for in online community management software?

 Find more information on the Khoros Communities FAQ page

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