How Schneider Electric innovates with community

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Every one of us holds part of the answer to our customers’ questions. Our Khoros Community allows us to ensure that our customers benefit from the power of our collective intelligence.

— JP Bonnafoux
VP Growth & Success, Digital Business

Executive summary

Schneider Electric is an innovative technology company that enables their partners, customers, and stakeholders to make sure that everywhere they are, everywhere they operate, life is on. The energy industry is a highly complex and very large ecosystem that is also continuously reinventing itself, and Schneider Electric’s core purpose was to create a new digital way to engage with everyone more frequently and openly. They are now spearheading the digital transformation of the energy industry, working to make sure energy is digitized, reliable, safe, and green. Schneider Electric’s goals were to broaden their audience and boost engagement by creating a network that would connect all their key stakeholders and focus on their customers. When they realized that they couldn’t grow their customer support resources to keep pace with the increasing size and complexity of their market, they decided to build a Khoros Community.

Schneider Electric wanted a way to make their support more collaborative and provide easier self-service so that their entire industry could move faster. They also realized there was a lot of knowledge and expertise trapped inside their network, as well as within Schneider Electric itself, in the form of their 150,000 partners and employees. A Khoros Community would help extract that expertise while also supporting the brand’s digital transformation goals. To reach their goal of improving the energy industry as a whole, Schneider Electric designed a comprehensive open business platform that housed their online Khoros-powered community as well as a developer corner and a Marketplace to make collaboration among their ecosystem a reality and unlock new industry value. Their goal for the Schneider Electric Exchange is to make it a place where they solve the efficiency and energy challenges of their full industry ecosystem by making it easier for everyone to find and instantly connect with a wide variety of verified experts.

Empowering their ecosystem and capturing knowledge is just the beginning of a conversation as far as Schneider Electric is concerned. Khoros Community allows them to turn questions into conversations and accelerate the collaboration across their industry. The peer-to-peer and expert support that their Khoros Community offers has created a lot of engagement for Schneider Electric customers and partners and there is now a willingness to interact and share questions and knowledge on the forum. Schneider Electric is now working to build a super user program because the new community has surfaced key individuals who provide outstanding value and therefore need special support and acknowledgement.

How they made it work

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    their industry in terms of support and collaboration with their Khoros-powered community.

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    a superuser program to give customers access to peer experts.

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    an exchange of expertise and trust-building between partners to improve the industry as a whole.

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    their Marketplace and expanded the value of their community in an innovative way for their industry.

Even if the customer’s problem is solved, the conversation never stops. Our Khoros Community allows for an ongoing conversation about every problem.

— JP Bonnafoux
VP Growth & Success, Digital Business


Schneider Electric’s goals were to solve their customers’ problems and save their customers time in terms of tech support. Khoros has enabled them to accomplish these goals. For instance, in 2019, their Communities saw 20K unique visitors a month. They also leveraged crowd-sourcing resolution to great effect, with their experts solving up to 90% of problems posted in their most engaged forums. With Khoros, Schneider Electric is also able to keep response rates under 24 hours, offering peace of mind to users in their 10 most-engaged forums. After sending call center deflection to chat and forum support, their customers report that they’ve saved time with community, and Schneider Electric has more engagement from their partners.

  • 20K

    unique visitors each month

  • ~90%

    solution rate

  • <24hr

    response rate