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We take our commitment to protect your company, employees, and customers seriously. Learn why the world’s most trusted brands, and highly-regulated industries, trust Khoros with their data.

How we protect our customers

Khoros uses enterprise-class security features and comprehensive audits of our solutions, systems, and networks to protect your data. With major enterprise customers around the globe, we built our security controls to meet or exceed the highest of industry standards.

We protect sensitive customer information by implementing operational policies and procedures for proactive monitoring, data encryption at rest and in transit, vulnerability management, intrusion detection and prevention, and data retention and destruction.

Khoros has robust processes in place to assure that security is tightly integrated within our products.

Khoros hosts it’s products on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the United States, Ireland* and Australia*. The AWS Security Whitepaper outlines the physical and environmental controls. AWS also supports ISO 27001, SOC2 Type II, FedRAMP and FISMA certification.

With a dedicated Security Incident Response team, and well-established policies and procedures (known as runbooks), Khoros manages and acts on all potential security incidents quickly.

Khoros utilizes AWS as its strategic hosting provider, which spans multiple geographic locations, each leveraging more than one availability zone. This ensures our software can be delivered regionally and remains resilient.

Khoros maintains a well-established risk management program and a dedicated owner responsible for document maintenance and an annual security risk review. For the review, we perform in-depth risk analyses for all critical systems, document results in a central tracking system, and remediate based on findings. Assessments are conducted annually at a minimum.

Khoros engages third party vendors to provide services most effectively to our customers. To protect your data and maintain the Khoros security posture, we establish contractual agreements that require these vendors to adhere to requirements laid out by Khoros. Review the list of Khoros sub-services organizations here.


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