Modern customer service demands: Digital first. Any channel. No trade-offs.

Learn how Khoros is delivering on the long-unfulfilled promise of always-on, omnichannel customer experience.

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Khoros digital contact center is an all-in-one digital contact center solution, engineered to excel at enterprise scale. And the impact Khoros delivers inside the modern contact center is one-of-a-kind:

  • Service managers benefit from a suite of powerful features, like AI-powered self-service and omnichannel workflows, that can integrate into their existing tech stack.
  • Customer service agents benefit from how Khoros tames the complexity of customers that need any-channel, always-on support by surfacing all the info they need, exactly when it’s needed.
  • And customers benefit when the brands and businesses they love meet them where they’re at and can solve their issues, ASAP.
  • Midco streamlined their customer engagement using Khoros


    increase is CSAT survey completion rate for chat and messaging channels with improved CSAT scores


    increase in call deflation since implementing Google’s Business Messaging and Apple Business Chat


    reduction of click-to-call 1-800 number

  • Samsung becomes digital first


    of customer inquiries managed by bots


    point NPS improvement after switching from email to messaging


    minute response time for 80% of inquiries

  • HP provides winning customer care with reduced response and resolution times


    year-over-year reduction in first response time


    year-over-year increase in posts


    year-over-year reduction in resolution time

A simple, exceptional customer experience solution

  • Digital contact center for enterprise business2

    The right channel workflows

    • Chat, messaging, SMS, social/reviews, community, email, and voice
    • Queues, tagging, and routing automation
  • Digital contact center for enterprise business4

    No code bot builder

    • Drag-n-drop conversational AI builder
    • Prioritize and route based on sentiment, intent, and context
    • Seamless hand-off to agent
  • Digital contact center for enterprise business3

    Supercharge your agents

    • Intuitive, omnichannel agent desktop
    • Simple step-by-step AI driven guides
    • Point and click AI-driven quick responses
  • Digital contact center for enterprise business1

    Unified analytics

    • View SLAs and KPIs
    • Manage agent performance
    • End-to-end customer journey insights

Partnering with Amazon Connect to disrupt the contact center market

The result? Industry-first, market ready, omnichannel engagement.


Best in class enterprise messaging,
social and chat

Amazon Connect

Innovative tech with complete call routing and voice services

Create consistent customer and agent experiences across channels

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Integrate powerful new tools into your existing tech stack 

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When your delivery is backed by data the results speak for themselves.

  • “The Khoros platform has proved to be incredibly valuable to assist customers 
however they choose to interact with us.”

    Michelle Sherwood

    Digital Executive, National Australia Bank (NAB)

  • “We knew that our customers were on social and expected to receive support within the channel. With Khoros Care and Marketing, we now have a trusted relationship with customers on social like never before.”

    Mary C. Hill

    Customer Service and Social Media Manager, StubHub

  • “Since implementing secure messaging, Sprint has seen a 20% increase in conversations coming directly through that channel.”

    Allison Fasching

    Senior Social Media Strategist, Sprint

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  • “Khoros Care — 
Efficient and Easy”

    Kevin Perry

    Digital CX Ops Manager

  • “I wouldn't do Social Media Customer Care without Khoros Care”

    Tim Lopez

    Head of Social Media Customer Care
    Okta and Symantec

  • “Khoros ROCKS!”

    Bill Gerth

    Director, Customer Service Strategy & Operations

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