Digital Trends for 2020 Every Brand Should Know

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How consumers engage with brands online changes rapidly, and in 2020, brands will either be loved or be left. In order to win, serve, and retain customers, brands must first understand digital trends and then act on them in a way that matches their brand purpose. Although it isn’t easy, the reward is well worth the effort, as brands that get digital engagement right — emerging as purposeful, focused, and salient in the eyes of their market — command a 14% higher price than the average brand. To learn more, download our trend sheet: Top Digital Engagement Trends in 2020.

In our trend sheet, you’ll learn valuable insights including:

Responding to online feedback improves brand trust

Seventy-eight percent of online consumers say that seeing a management response to an online review makes them believe the business cares more about them. Of course brands love responding to positive feedback, but many are hesitant about addressing negative feedback. There is no risk to this: Responding to negative reviews increases rating scores overall.

Messaging is the preferred support channel — for consumers and brands

Eighty-one percent of customers are frustrated by being tied to a phone or computer to wait for support. Messaging allows customers to start, stop, and resume support around the pace of their life — no wonder that the majority of customers prefer contacting support through text messaging over all other channels.

Brand authenticity drives customer loyalty

Eighty-six percent of people say that authenticity matters when deciding the brands they like and support. Being authentic means consistently speaking to and delivering on your brand’s core values. Some great ways to show your purpose include featuring employee spotlights and office events publicly.

Download the trend sheet now to learn all of the 2020 digital trends to guide your engagement strategy.