CX software to organize customer interaction data in one place

The most comprehensive solution for a unified, actionable view of the customer to create world-class customer experiences.

CX Insights is formerly known as Topbox, acquired by Khoros in 2021.

How Khoros CX Insights works

Khoros CX Insights sits on top of all your customer communication platforms — like Marketing, Customer Care, and Communities — to provide a single view of all customer conversations and comments, normalizing and classifying the data for comprehensive CX analysis.

  • Aggregate all sources of customer contact and feedback.
  • Classify each customer interaction with a taxonomy unique to your business.
  • Visualize data down to the individual interaction in one application.
  • Democratize access to data and insights across the organization.

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An omnichannel customer experience 

for an omnichannel world

The goal for a customer-centric company is the ability to access and analyze all of its customer interactions in one place. Today’s customers use every channel. Companies simply cannot afford to selectively listen.


Aggregate & Normalize

Single Source for CX analytics — All your customer interaction data in one place 

With CX Insights, users can harness the collective power of every customer communication channel using what Forrester calls “agnostic aggregation” of disparate data from different point solutions: call recordings, chat transcripts, emails, social media, surveys, reviews, in-app communications, web feedback and more.

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Data Enrichment

Contextual Classification — Insights in the context of your business 

CX Insights goes beyond classification by industry vertical. We customize the model for each of our customers, including product names, regional differences, customer slang, and abbreviations for products and services. This makes our model more specific, relevant, and actionable.

  • When paired with our proprietary omnichannel sentiment algorithm, companies are fully aware of how customers feel, and more importantly, why they feel that way. These are actionable insights.
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AI and continuous improvement

AI-enhanced analytics — See what you’re missing 

CX Insights AI dives deeper into customer interactions to identify changes in preferences and discover trends to help your brand improve every day. Working alongside our classification model, our AI leverages cutting-edge machine learning to continuously refine identification.

  • Our AI-on-the-fly feature will add value to any analysis by flagging words and phrases that aren't already in your classification model — even those that your teams don’t know your customers are talking about.


User Experience — Intuitive, fast, and effective

CX Insights is designed to intuitively guide anyone from “CSAT dropped 2 points last month” to “40% of chats with negative sentiment mentioned ‘chatbot workflow’,” in a few clicks.

  • Users can also choose to visualize their interaction data for trending and AI-enhanced contextual details. You don’t need to be a data scientist to harness the power of CX Insights.
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Data Security – Nothing is more important 

The CX Insights solution is hosted through Amazon Web Services. CX Insights is GDPR compliant. We are audited annually for PCI DSS and SOC2 Type II compliance. We undergo third-party penetration tests from multiple audit firms annually.

  • Our client’s data is encrypted in transit and at rest. We have worked with some of the most recognizable brands in the world to meet their security requirements. We take data security very seriously.

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