ROI calculator: Khoros CX Insights

See how much value Khoros CX Insights can add to your contact center — and to your brand in general.

Khoros CX Insights: A solution set apart

Khoros CX Insights is a revolutionary analytics solution that uses natural language understanding (NLU) to track customer sentiment in millions of interactions across every channel your brand uses. Digital contact centers in any industry can take advantage of omnichannel analytics to improve their customer experience and spot potential issues far more quickly than they otherwise would. These advantages can lead to real return on investment for any brand.


What value can Khoros CX Insights bring to your brand?

Khoros CX Insights has already brought invaluable insights and improvements to many global brands in a variety of industries. Now, there’s a way for you to see just how much value this solution can bring to your business: the Khoros CX Insights ROI calculator. Enter a few details about your business — number of customers, interactions per month, and others — and see exactly how much value this solution can bring to your customer engagement. Fill out the form to use the calculator today.