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Design Podcast Episode 2 Erin Headshot

CX Confessions | Episode 2


How CX Feeds The Growth Of Passion Brands

We dive deep into why CX leaders might not need to invest heavily in market research to drive business growth. Why? Because they can listen to their customers instead.

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Here’s what we talked about

In this episode of CX Confessions, we speak about the smart ways to build upon feedback. You’ll also learn how to listen to customers and uncover the insights that they’re already providing to you.

  • Scaling the Rothy’s community and managing the gulp rate

  • Overcoming excessive and unsustainable manufacturing operations

  • Rothy’s risk to reward formula: then, now and what’s next.

  • CX inclusivity

Design Podcast Episode 2 Erin Headshot

Meet Erin

SVP Merchandising and Product at Rothy's

Erin is a design industry veteran with twenty years of retail experience. Before her current role as SVP Merchandising and Product at Rothy's, she was the Creative Director and a consultant before that for the company. Erin’s experience includes a decade of merchandising at Gap Inc. and consulting positions at Patagonia, Timbuk2, Hedge Gallery, and Old Navy.

Customer feedback is what helps you turn vision into reality. ‘Too much feedback’ is the best problem to have.

— Erin Lowenberg

Whether people compliment you or complain, it means they care enough to take that action. This is what community is about: coming together to support one another.

— Erin Lowenberg

Rothy’s is a brand that makes it fun to follow us. It feels good to be a Rothy’s customer. We want you to see yourself in the branding, and find a welcoming home in our community.

— Erin Lowenberg

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