From team to COE: Why CX teams struggle, and how to fix them

This eBook covers three of the most common problems that CX programs encounter. We’ll help you spot them and solve them before they grow.

Why CX teams struggle

The problems with your brand’s CX program

The customer experience experts at Khoros conducted research and reflected on their own experience with brands to bring you this eBook to solving three of the most common problems that even established CX programs encounter. We’ll take you through what the problems look like, how to prevent them before they start, and how to combat them if they do.

1. Lack of actionable data

CX programs — and brands in general — are swimming in data. Sometimes drowning. A lot of organizations have so much data that they don’t know what to do with it, so it just sits there. In this eBook, we’ll help you figure out the keys to turning your mountain of data into actionable insights.

2. Inability to effect change

Once you’ve got some insights out of your existing CX data, it’s time to effect change within your organization. This eBook will also help you connect with the right people and teams to get that done as efficiently as possible. Not sure where to start? Read the eBook and find out.

3. Not reporting the right metrics

Reporting the right metrics to your C-suite and executive team is absolutely essential to your CX program’s success. This eBook will help you show how your program has a measurable impact on the business, so that you can get all the buy-in and support you need from the stakeholders in your organization.

Any of these issues sound like your brand? Download the eBook today and start taking your CX program from a team to a center of excellence.

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