Conversational AI to help handle and contain inquiries of all types

Our chatbot platform helps brands understand customer intent, automate conversations, and enhance human agents — all in an intuitive drag-and-drop platform.

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Ai everywhere

Khoros adds easy, useful AI everywhere

Khoros empowers non-technical users to build chatbots and manage intent models that can contain 30% of inbound contacts, and enables developers to quickly customize using a pre-built integration UI.

“We leveraged Khoros’ open API to provide a personalized user experience to more than 2,000 of our members.”

— Beshoy Maoud, Site Manager, at SAP Concur

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    year-over-year increase in registrations
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Automate and resolve entire conversations, or enter mid-conversation to handle time consuming processes

Your customers prioritize speed and convenience over everything, and they hate waiting on hold. Don’t you too?

  • Khoros uses natural language understanding (NLU) to determine customer intents and respond to common, predictable inquiries so that agents can focus on more complex, higher value tasks.
  • By containing full and partial conversations, bots built on Khoros save agent time, adding capacity and efficiency to brand operations.

“When people think about chatbots, they think they’re a way to avoid talking to people, but we use our chatbot to connect users to the right people and information — faster.”

— Travis Berryhill, User Engagment Designer, Khoros

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    CSAT in bot conversations
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Build a single, omnichannel chatbot

Not all chat and messaging channels offer the same features, like rich content or quick replies, and many brands navigate the differences by creating multiple channel-specific bots. The result is a collection of disjointed bots that are difficult to manage, optimize, and scale.

Integrations to engage customers on any channel

Khoros integrates to the widest variety of messaging channels across chat, social, mobile messaging, voice assistants, and more. It offers pre-built logic that makes it possible to build a single chatbot, then easily resolve incompatible UI elements so that your bot can leverage the best available features in each channel.

“Khoros helps us make it as easy as possible for customers to reach us in whichever way is most convenient for them”.

— Ken Nelson, Customer Care Manager

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    YOY increase in digital interactions
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Bot services

Bot services for companies of any size

Deciding to add AI and automation to your operations is the easy part, but building and optimizing your chatbot is a different story. Khoros offers 3 service tiers to fit brands with a wide variety of conversation design expertise and available resources — self-service, supported service, and fully managed service.