Build brand awareness with a user-generated knowledge hub

Brand communities get 75% of traffic from organic search by combining dynamic forums and blogs with expert community management, while cutting costs with user-generated content.

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Crowd-source and convert customers with engaging and trusted content

Because organic search results result in 8.5x higher click rates, and communities average a lower bounce rate and higher time on page, new visitors to communities are more likely to stick around to make purchases and become loyal customers.

  • Khoros' unique syndication capabilities also create uniquely interactive, dynamic, and peer-driven experiences anywhere a brand wants.
  • By embedding these customizable community conversations into ecommerce, support, and content hubs, customers can get the invaluable peer validation that builds trust and confidence no matter what path they take to purchase.

“Making connections through community is core to our business.”

— Anna Wu, Core Host — Communities, Airbnb

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Create loyal advocates and ambassadors

The Khoros Communities solution was born out of gaming communities in 2001, and has since evolved through a combination of behavioral science and experience building hundreds of enterprise communities to provide the most effective way to engage people around a shared purpose.

  • We have an unmatched capability to build trustworthy advocates for any brand through features like advanced gamification, group hubs, organizational models, data architecture, events and expertise.
  • Khoros customers frequently integrate their communities to broader loyalty advocacy programs through our flexible platform, social media management solutions, and event marketing to build efficient and connected customers.

“Our continued growth makes it crucial to have one place for users to connect, and Khoros makes it possible.”

— Jbid Kissel, Director of Community Support, Powerschool

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Drive innovation

Customers will tell you how to improve and grow your business if you just give them a place to do it — a brand-owned community built on Khoros is the perfect place for exactly that. Here’s the community-driven engagement we power:

  • Ideas boards, groups, robust roles, ranks, and permissions structure to encourage and reward customer feedback.

  • Sophisticated analytics and conversational insights to easily distill and understand what is delighting and upsetting your customers.

“Khoros helps us provide as many engagement opportunities as possible and grow engagement through our community for Adobe users.”

— Keith Buchanan, Digital Experience Community Engineering Architect, Adobe

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Power an ecosystem

Modern enterprises require more partnership and collaboration than ever before to deliver solutions in a timely way to the broadest possible markets.

  • Many of our customer communities are thriving ecosystems where these partners can participate directly with employees, customers, and others to share resources and build better experiences.
  • Brand communities aren't just a place where users connect to answer questions, but also where a powerful group of advocates grow loyalty and trust by building their own reputations as helpful, trusted advisors and consultants.

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