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Agents are the most valuable resource in a contact center and the most important system to invest in. Keeping agents happy and engaged is key to creating a great employee experience — because happy agents make happy customers.

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Agent efficiency

Enhance agent efficiency with suggested responses

The Khoros platform’s Suggested Responses is an agent-facing chatbot that automatically suggests the best responses for an agent to use during each turn of a conversation. It’s built using a brand’s historic conversation transcript data to train the NLP model to recognize intents and pair them with the most likely responses to resolve the inquiry.

  • Agents can quickly select the best response then edit it to personalize or add detail, saving time researching, referencing knowledge bases, and typing.

  • The list of suggested responses acts as a contextual training tool to reinforce the best answers to common scenarios agents will encounter.

“We feel very supported by our partnership with the Khoros team — and our agents do too.”

— Manuella De Roover, Social, Reviews, and Campaigns Manager, Sony Europe

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    YoY increase in agent efficiency
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    increase in agent efficiency over 4 year period
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AI-powered tagging & routing

When you’re responsible for multiple channels, multiple teams, and massive engagement volume, accurately tagging and quickly routing inbound contacts is impossible to do manually. Even if you have basic automation rules set up to tag based on keywords or specific entry points, managing and optimizing that system can be a titanic effort.

“Our Khoros-powered strategy for success involves listening on social channels, making peer-to-peer support and dedicated care agents available to our customers.”

— Kriti Kapoor, Global Director of Social Customer Care, HP

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    Year-over-year reduction in first response time
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    Year-over-year reduction in resolution time
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Right message

Get the right message to the right team — the first time

Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine makes it possible to deliver precise, intent-based classification, creating more accurate tagging that can be used to enable superior routing, prioritization, agent precision, and analytics.

  • More powerful than typical rule-based, keyword tagging systems that can be especially complex and difficult to maintain.

  • With AI-powered tagging, agents enter conversations with greater context, and managers can more granularly measure the volume, quality, and resolution rates of conversations based on their exact consumer intent.

“With Khoros, we’ve found a technology partner that works with us, not just for us. What we value about Khoros is their knowledge, expertise, and willingness to collaborate.”

— Sandy Rivas, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

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Agent satisfaction

Increase agent satisfaction & retention

Traditional customer service channels experience costly attrition rates as high as 80% to 100% per year. Khoros for Contact Centers provides a modern, digital care user-experience to agents with the ability to fluidly engage across all touchpoints, ultimately reducing turnover rates.

The intuitive agent dashboard consolidates channels, eliminates screen-switching and chair swivelling, equips agents with AI-powered widgets — all in service of creating happier agents.

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