Recommendations on increasing digital channel support

You are probably already seeing an influx of calls in your contact center, and we know you could potentially face capacity issues. Messaging offers some real advantages to help your customers with the least effort, and for your ability to answer those questions at an increasingly large scale in remote environments. The asynchronous nature of messaging managed through Khoros allows your agents to manage more concurrently, and deflect expensive phone calls to messages to avoid overwhelming your phone lines and frustrating your customers.

Does your contact strategy very clearly deflect existing phone calls to messaging?

Focus your efforts on unlocking messaging channels

  • Identify the call entry points that could become overwhelmed first and add a messaging entry point to make it the priority. For example, consider your website phone number visibility, and the design of your Contact Us page, and promote messaging channels first.
  • Use your IVR process to redirect your customer to Messaging channels if they have specific questions. Create templated scripts and FAQs for crisis management, this will help decrease your response times.
  • Staffing strategy should include the ability to throttle volume up and down,

If you already promote and staff digital channels like Facebook Messenger or Twitter DM, Messaging is a very easy addition.

Need help with your strategy for deploying Messaging, or transforming your Contact Center to digital? Click here to view our Modernizing Your Contact Center or contact your Khoros representative.

Channels & How to Best Use Them Right Now

  • Community
    • Create an FAQ that can be updated as new questions arise, share in all channels, Web, Messaging, Social, IVR.
    • This channel is your lowest cost channel and can answer the largest percent of your repeatable questions with little to no agent contact.
    • Ensure your tags and keywords are relevant to maximize SEO.
  • Apple Messages for Business
    • Reach iOS users at key points of entry, including popular apps like Spotlight Search and Maps. You can also add entry points anywhere on your website or apps.
  • Whatsapp
    • Reach International WhatsApp users who already want to communicate with you via WhatsApp.
  • Facebook Messenger
    • Add click-to-Messenger entry points anywhere your customers are, on your website, apps or Facebook properties.
  • Google Business Messages
    • Reach Android users and easily throttle.
  • Social channels
    • If you have a brand page on any social channel, make sure you have a specific strategy for each and they are enabled in your Khoros Care instance.
    • When customers contact you thru these pages you should consider templated scripts and FAQs from your Community

This post originally appeared here for Khoros customers on Atlas.