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HP Provides Winning Customer Care with Khoros

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Executive summary

HP aims to create technology that makes life better for everyone in their global customer base and beyond. But a global audience has diverse needs. In order for HP to accomplish their goal of supporting a large volume of diverse customers 24/7, HP onboarded Khoros Care and developed a Khoros-powered community.

Before partnering with Khoros, HP’s large customer base didn’t have access to a centralized hub for everyone to gather. Agents spent valuable time on unnecessary logistics rather than spending that same time deepening customer engagement. Developing an HP community with the Khoros solution organized, documented, and enriched HP’s customer support knowledge base while giving all of their customers a place to quickly find answers to their questions at any time in multiple languages. The available content and the ease with which HP was able to authentically connect with customers allowed HP to gain deeper insights into their customer base, which lead to improvements in overall product strategy and customer support.

HP believes in the vision and value of a strong digital customer experience, and their Khoros-powered community has been integral to the success of their customer support operations. Additionally, Khoros Care helps HP easily look at the number of customers they’re serving, they can quantify how many solutions they have provided, and they can see how many of those solutions have been viewed by other customers. Both Khoros Care and HP’s Khoros-powered community will help HP continue to build their social footprint and encourage their audience interaction.

How they made it work

  • Multi blog


    A voice of the customer survey with Khoros Care.

  • Multi Empowerment


    Agents to engage with customers more efficiently and effectively.

  • Multi 198


    A Khoros-powered community where customers can gather to receive and share information.

  • Multi 206


    The value of their community to prove its success.

“Our Khoros-powered strategy for success involves listening on social channels, making peer-to-peer support and dedicated care agents available to our customers, and feeding what we learn back into product development and our customer care strategy.”
— Kriti Kapoor
Global Director of Social Customer Care


HP’s Khoros-powered community helps the brand keep its finger on the pulse of their audience’s online activities and adjust as needed. With Khoros Care, HP has been able to improve the customer experience by reducing agent response time, increasing the number of posts available, and improving the amount of time customers must wait for a solution.

  • 37%

    Year-over-year reduction in first response time

  • 35%

    Year-over-year increase in posts

  • 41%

    Year-over-year reduction in resolution time