The fundamentals of managing a world-class contact center

Quality control matters at your contact center

Quality control isn't just for products. Contact center supervisors have the enormous responsibility of ensuring high-quality, efficient service for every customer, every time. Consumer expectations are rapidly changing, and the best contact centers are changing with them. That takes a careful, intentional approach to customer experience. A professional staff is important, but just as vital are effective tools and workflows to get the job done right.

The time to invest in AI-driven contact center performance management is now

Managing a successful contact center isn’t just about creating happy customers; it’s also about making sure agents have the resources they need to succeed. Brands that excel in customer service focus internally as well as externally. They take concrete steps to reduce agent turnover, improve workflow efficiency, and measure agent performance in real-time. They also leverage artificial intelligence, including chatbots, to reduce agent workload and make sure that humans are handling the most important inquiries.

You'll learn best practices for contact center management

We have assembled this guide, with strategies and tools used by some of the top brands in the world, to help contact center supervisors understand and implement techniques to raise customer satisfaction — even when customers contact the brand with complaints or negative feedback. The best brands don’t simply resolve customer complaints mechanically; they use a combination of human intuition and AI-driven technology to turn negative experiences into positive ones. That means more retention and better business metrics for your brand.

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