How Visa Customized Their Community with Khoros to Boost Engagement

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Executive summary

As a global business, Visa works with more than 16,000 financial institutions and major partners, and after onboarding Khoros Community, they increased users and fostered connections among external developers using the Visa Developer Platform. Over the last several years, Visa has fundamentally evolved both its platforms and how it works with partners and clients, to encourage a broadening of the commerce ecosystem. Upon opening its network in 2016 with the launch of Visa Developer Platform, Visa needed a way for external developers to connect to the Visa Developer team, interact, become inspired, and access educational and support articles.

Before onboarding Khoros Community, the first version of Visa’s online community page was too blog-heavy and not easy to navigate to the developer forum. Despite the blog-focused design, the forum was still getting high traffic because the Visa team was answering their questions. The team asked themselves how they could better approach developers so they knew Visa was there to support them. Visa looked at best practices from other online communities and liked how Khoros’ community homepage is structured and designed. They decided to put the forum front and center in the Visa community so that developers could easily find support and connect with their team. Visa’s UX team led the redesign of the Visa community. Visa sent their UX team the Khoros Community page as inspiration and the UX team partnered with the Khoros team to customize the design specifically to Visa’s brand. By leveraging Khoros expertise, Visa was able to create an experience personalized to their company and users.. The end result was a 124% increase in users. This growth has allowed them to staff up with more team members to help manage the customer engagement. Additionally, through the use of data, Visa saw forums were getting the most traffic and focused their efforts there. Overall, Visa now has a much better sense of what their community wants and how to engage with members.

How they made it work

  • Multi 206


    Data to focus efforts on the highest traffic resource areas within their online community, including forums and technical articles.

  • Multi 221


    Community structure by putting the forum front and center so that developers could easily find support and connect with the Visa team.

  • Multi users


    With the Khoros team to customize the Visa community design specifically to Visa’s brand.

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    Developer loyalty with gamification and recognition features so that developers want to come, stay, participate, and be rewarded.

“Our community built on the Khoros platform allows the engineering team to push recent feature updates without waiting for the monthly product release cycle. This allows the engineering team to experiment more and provide a better experience to the developers and users.”
— Ved Prakash Agarwal 
Engineer Manager, Visa Developer


By using Khoros Community, Visa increased the amount of users, interactions between users, and user satisfaction within the Visa Developer Platform. Benefits to the users included ease of community navigation, relevant content, and a centralized place to interact with fellow developers as well as the Visa team. The growth in Visa Developer Platform participation via Khoros Community also allowed Visa to staff up to more team members to manage the growing number of conversations. And by letting data from Khoros Community drive their community roadmap, Visa now has a much better sense of what it’s community wants and how to engage with members.

  • 124%

    Increase in users

  • 25%

    Increase in CHI score

  • 1,300%

    Increase in kudos from members