Khoros Social Marketing

Engage customers with meaningful social marketing content and campaigns that drive affinity — and accelerate business results.

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Use Khoros Social Marketing to:

  • Scale your interactions

    Never miss a moment to connect with a customer. Bring all your teams, channels, and content — across paid and organic social media — into one platform to manage integrated social campaigns and real-time conversations in a single dashboard.

  • Elevate your content

    Collaborate, plan, and manage targeted social campaigns that inspire connection with your audiences.

  • Protect your brand

    Provide administrators with visibility and control over your channels, teams, and workflows to promote a consistent brand voice and governance across your social presence.

  • Measure what matters

    Translate your social performance to metrics that matter to your business with configurable dashboards and data exports that connect your results back to business value.


  • Product launch


    Schedule content for exactly when and where you want it to appear, across multiple accounts, channels, and dates.

  • Components


    Offer complete management of all of your content with folders, campaign and content tags, themes, and permissions.

  • Campaign planning


    Organize content by campaigns, then report on those campaigns.

  • User issue


    Trust that you understand the performance of every piece of content.

  • Crisis monitoring

    Proactive risk management

    Get visibility into and control over who has access to your native social accounts.

  • Tag


    Label content according to your business goals and structure.

  • Administration


    Use our inbox to respond to customers one-on-one.

  • Checklist


    Route content through the people who need to see and approve it.

  • Collaboration


    Enable cross-team collaboration through in-app chat, unscheduled drafts, and task creation.

  • Calendar

    Global calendar

    Plan ads and organic content on the same calendar.

  • Outcome

    Simple, secure point of entry

    Provide your end users with a single, secure point of entry for accessing native channels

  • Desktop

    Social redisplay

    Organize, distribute, and integrate UGC across any digital touchpoint to drive engagement.

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