Revolutionize your social media engagement strategy

People crave connections on social media, and the companies that create authentic connections with their customers will thrive—but doing so is becoming harder than ever. Gone are the days of a single, siloed social media coordinator responding to a few comments. Today, swaths of customers cross paths with multiple departments and expect a seamless customer experience throughout.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll develop a firm understanding of why and how leading companies leverage social media to create customers for life.

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  • Brands Need an Authentic Voice: Social media interactions between brands and consumers used to primarily consist of short scripted replies to public comments, but times have changed. We found that 97% of brand-to-consumer communication on Twitter is now one-to-one personal conversations. To effectively connect with audiences on social, brands must find an authentic and approachable voice that encourages consumers to start organic conversations. Responses must be timely, personal, and consistent with the company’s voice to ensure customers don’t feel like they’re getting replies from a script.
  • Social Is A Participatory Newsroom: Audiences are passionate about being a part of the stories of their time, so brands need to have a newsroom mentality to stay on top of trends. Consumers generally welcome brands that get involved from the start by offering timely, relevant content. By contrast, brands that push out content later are more likely to be ignored or even mocked.
  • Involve Your Audience: A staggering 95% of CMOs said they find creating engaging content to be one of their biggest challenges. Brands can reduce their workload and increase their credibility by inviting consumers to submit user-generated content (UGC) in the form of photos or videos. UGC improves performance on every digital marketing channel and increases time spent on websites, email click-throughs, and online purchase conversions. Consider hosting a social contest tied to a brand campaign or product launch to boost your digital customer engagement.

Boost your brand’s digital customer engagement

Social media allows brands to connect with audiences in more meaningful ways than ever before, but few organizations know how to utilize popular platforms to their full potential.

Our Social Media Pocket Guide provides an in-depth overview of the evolution of social media along with insights on why and when to use it. See how social media has changed over time and learn current best practices with examples from major brands.

Download the full Social Media Pocket Guide to get more insights and find out how successful brands are utilizing social media to create customers for life.