How Randstad USA used Khoros to grow their TikTok audience by 30%

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"The Khoros platform has given us both deeper and broader knowledge of our TikTok campaign. We’ve used that knowledge to make key adjustments to our strategy, and the results speak for themselves."

— Karen Pace, 

Director, Social and Content Marketing

Executive summary

Randstad USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Randstad N.V., the world’s largest HR services provider. Randstad USA offers staffing and solutions across finance, technology, warehousing, administrative roles, and more.
The organization serves a diverse range of employers, from small mom-and-pop shops to enterprise-level corporations. Its mission isn’t only to fill positions — it’s to place qualified candidates in positions to succeed.

Recently, Randstad USA wanted to leverage the power of one of the fastest-growing apps today, TikTok, to grow their business. Randstad USA pride themselves on being #humanforward, striving to provide best-in-
class tech and touch experiences. They focus on connecting with job seekers looking for their new or next opportunity. The TikTok platform
gives Randstad USA many new opportunities, but two are particularly important. First, the format of TikTok allows Randstad USA to make
more human, empathetic, and expressive content through highly engaging short-form videos. This enables better connection with a growing customer base. The second important opportunity is that TikTok enables Randstad USA to reach a new, potentially younger audience looking to take that next step in their career.

Randstad USA began testing on TikTok in 2021 — before they started using Khoros to track TikTok analytics. They understood the opportunity and risks but had yet to fully experience the challenges. At the time, TikTok’s native analytics features were somewhat limited, mostly covering views and likes. For both historical reporting and reporting on specific videos, the process was manual. Performance and success were moving targets.

However, given Randstad USA’s commitment to reaching and connecting with the enormous TikTok audience, they continued to move forward, and in late 2021, integrated the Khoros platform to track deeper analytics.
In partnership with Khoros, the Randstad USA social media team was able to view their TikTok campaign more holistically, in the context of their full social media presence. This new ability gave them access to more detailed analytics, broken down over time by each of their videos. This provided key insights they otherwise wouldn’t have had.

And even with more advanced analytics, Khoros is saving the Randstad USA social media team a lot of time, as checking numbers manually in TikTok is far more time-consuming than using the Khoros platform, where they see all their social media analytics across every channel. Using their insights from the Khoros platform, Randstad USA has implemented subtle changes to its strategy to generate more views and a larger audience.

In the future, Randstad USA plans to increase their video frequency and cadence, explore video formats, and test the new advertising features available to brands on TikTok.

How they made it work

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Randstad USA’s partnership with Khoros has already generated strong results for the brand. Without any paid advertising on TikTok whatsoever, and in just a few months, they have managed to increase their audience by over 30% and their views by over 17%. 

This sort of organic growth would not be possible without a comprehensive analytics platform like Khoros — and the best part is that even with this growth, Randstad USA’s social media team is saving valuable time. Without the need to track analytics manually using TikTok’s native features, the team has saved over two hours per week.


organic audience growth


organic growth in views per month


hours saved per week

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"Before Khoros, we were using incomplete and ineffectual channel analytics to measure TikTok performance. It was time-consuming and unreliable. Now, we’ve removed the guesswork and painted a holistic picture of what great performance looks like — and that informs our content, efforts, and spend. Khoros has given us the ability to tell the story beyond the numbers."

— Karen Pace,

Director, Social and Content Marketing