How General Motors Found a Best-in-Class Social Media Management Solution with Khoros

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Executive summary

General Motors is a customer-first company, and the General Motors Social Media Center of Expertise (CoE) exists to keep GM’s social media efforts aligned with that identity. The CoE knows that to be truly customer-first, a company must have a strong and trustworthy social presence, so it decided to reevaluate GM’s social media management software to better deliver on that promise. The Social Media CoE, working closely with General Motors IT, needed to find the best listening, engagement and customer care tools to deliver a first-class experience across social for its fans. The CoE serves more than 800 users in seven international regions across nine GM brands, so this solution needed to be both scalable and flexible.

Evaluating social media software is no easy undertaking, especially at a company the size of General Motors. Even so, the CoE rose to the occasion by thoroughly vetting more than 20 vendors, eventually determining that Khoros would best help GM achieve success. Khoros worked with the CoE at astounding speed to train and onboard its more than 800 users in less than 30 days.

To support its needs for deep listening and cross-channel marketing, the CoE additionally chose Khoros’s integrated partners Opal and Crimson Hexagon.

How they made it work

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    In close partnership with GM’s internal IT as well as Legal and Privacy teams throughout the entire sourcing process.

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    GM IT to rewrite more than 20 legacy social applications to integrate with Khoros, which it did within two months.

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    A seamless transition to new software by monitoring current users and maintaining internal compliance procedures.

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    Quarterly adoption audits and training sessions to educate new users and re-educate current users across the enterprise.

“Our needs had evolved, and we were looking for strategic partners to take our social media to the next level.”
— Carolin Probst-Iyer 
Manager, Global Social Media Center of Expertise General Motors


This rigorous evaluation and implementation process allowed the General Motors Social Media Center of Expertise to build an even stronger foundation for its social media management. GM is better positioned than ever before to create a first-class social media experience for its customers across all global brands. With its best-in-class tool stack anchored by Khoros and its integration capability with Opal and Crimson Hexagon, GM continues to refine their social media strategy and is able to go deeper on understanding the social consumer and more effectively reach a wider audience.

  • 80%

    Active adoption rate

  • 800+

    Users across the globe

  • <30 Days

    Days onboarding to new tools