Social media RFP checklist for marketers

As social networks evolve and social advertising rises in importance, brands need a social media management platform to stay informed, engage key audiences, and measure business impact. 

Having the right social engagement platform brings all kinds of benefits — helping teams work better, improving workflows, providing key data, and protecting brand equity with security and compliance controls. When you go with the right social marketing partner, you get technology tailored to your specific needs to ensure long-term success with expertise you can trust.

Who this social media RFP checklist is for?

Khoros social media marketing and management experts made this checklist for leaders of enterprise social media teams. Looking to invest in the best social marketing technology? Download the checklist today to evaluate what you need from a social marketing solution — the results may surprise you!

Struggling to make sense of your social media RFP?

As social networks and social advertising become a more complex landscape, brands need a social marketing platform to stay on top of that change and continue engaging customers. The right social marketing technology will bring together teams, workflows, and data to both accelerate new revenue and increase customer lifetime value, while protecting brands with security and compliance controls.

We have created the ultimate social media RFP checklist to help you evaluate the critical capabilities to look for in your social media marketing technology by asking the right questions.

What should you be looking for in a social marketing solution?

It’s not always easy to know exactly what you need from the technology you invest in. This checklist covers what you should expect from an enterprise-level social media marketing solution, including content management, multi-channel publishing, campaign and community management, trends and insights, market research, analytics and reporting, scalability, and more.

Content Management

Manage high volumes of accounts and campaigns with effective team collaboration on social content across multiple roles, departments, and even geographies.

  • Offer complete management of all of your content with folders, campaign and content labels, themes, and permissions.

  • Create and approve organic and promoted social.

  • Leverage your existing DAM through productized integrations or custom content APIs.

  • Bulk upload multiple sources of content.

  • Place time-bound restrictions on content to ensure assets used are always up-to-date.

  • Optimize assets to each network’s specific size requirements with image editing.

  • Illustrate usage metrics for each asset.

  • Collect and curate user generated content (UGC) and customize moderation rules to automatically approve or reject content.

  • Organize, distribute, and integrate UGC across any digital touchpoint to drive engagement.

  • Link content to any digital endpoint, including product pages, to drive conversions and revenue.

  • Request usage consent from UGC authors in-app, including customization of consent request messaging.

  • Enable field teams to capture, share, and collect user consent for digital content on the go, from integrated mobile apps on iOS and Android.

Get the full checklist including multi-channel publishing, campaign and community management, trends and insights, market research, analytics and reporting, scalability, and more by filling out the form below!

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