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Connect with customers like their friends do. SMS, email, Facebook Messenger, Google’s Business Messages, Apple Messages for Business, owned and in-app messaging and more — at an enterprise scale.

Conversational commerce to connect with customers the way they want

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  • Easily message customers from a unified engagement hub: Give Provide asynchronous agent workflow to give agents the ability to engage fluidly between Google’s Business Messages, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business, email, SMS, reviews, social channels, in-app, web messaging, and community resulting in higher efficiency and case concurrency.
  • Increase efficiency with AI and ML-powered automation: Scale digital care and take the right action with operational metrics alongside customer experience analytics.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Resolve customers’ needs quickly, easily, and personally by being accessible in their channel of choice. This provides you with the ability to measure contact deflection from higher-cost channels.
  • Personalized one-to-one experiences Enable authentic, real-time conversations with empowered agents and bot assistance to increase customer satisfaction.

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“Thanks to Khoros Care, we’re able to immediately analyze customer feedback for insights and prioritize the incoming posts to give us an overview of how each segment was talking about the incident.”

— Social Media Manager, Swisscom

  • 0%
    of dialogues that started out as negative turned to positive
  • 0%
    of dialogues that started out as neutral turned to positive

Products used: Messaging, Social Care

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Messaging on Khoros Care connects with customers on these channels

  • Google business chat

    Google’s Business Messages

    Message from Google Maps and Search on iPhone and Android.

    When customers need help, they use Google to find your contact information. Google’s Business Messages offers convenient entry points on Google Maps and Search for customers to start rich messaging conversations.

    Learn more about Google’s Business Messages

  • Apple chat

    Apple Messages for Business

    Use Messages on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch.

    Offer interactive experiences directly within iOS Messages, with scheduling, list pickers, authentication, Apple Pay, and more.

    Learn more about Apple Messages for Business

  • Fb messenger

    Facebook Messenger

    The world’s largest social network

    Increase conversion rates with organic posts and paid ads that drive customers directly to a Facebook Messenger conversation instead of a clumsy form fill or web navigation experience.

    Learn more about Facebook Messenger

  • Email


    Manage emails with better agent tools and automation

    Customers deserve fast, high-quality service in every channel — especially email. Consolidate email, chat, and messaging into a single hub with industry-leading workflows and ease-of-use.

    Learn more about email

  • In app messaging

    In-app messaging

    Secure, branded messaging in your mobile app.

    Message with customers in your brand’s mobile app and scale your digital operation with confidence. Real-time to anytime conversations in a branded, secure, GDPR-compliant, and ISO certified channel

    Learn more about in-app messaging

  • Sms


    Basic text messaging for reliable, convenient engagement

    Dramatically reduce call volume with IVR deflection and “click-to-message” entry points and increase customer satisfaction by engaging consumers in a familiar, preferred, convenient channel.

  • Whatsapp

    WhatsApp Business

    The world’s most popular messaging app

    Power your communication with customers all over the world, so you can connect with them on WhatsApp in a simple, secure, and reliable way

    Learn more about WhatsApp Business


“Khoros allows Midco the opportunity to present the channel that is best for the user, and on the device, they’re using at the time.”

— Web Applications Manager, Midco

  • 0%
    increase in call deflection since implementing Apple Messages for Business
  • 0.6X
    increase in CSAT survey completion rate, with improved scores

Products used: Messaging, Modern Chat, Chatbot, Social Care

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Features of Messaging on Khoros Care

  • Question

    Real-time to anytime conversations

    Don’t let a conversation drop because a session ended or a device changed.

  • Secure

    Secure transfer

    Continue conversations from public and private social feeds to secure, owned customer messaging for data protection and control over end-to-end customer experience.

  • Engagement

    Multiple channels, single workflow

    Reduce agent training time, especially for flex agents

  • Advanced

    Advanced workflows and automation

    Automatically label posts with actionability, sentiment, language, source, and content tags to optimize workflows and reporting.

  • Persistant conversation

    Persistent conversations across devices and time

    Never lose context in a customer messaging interaction, and ensure customers can re-engage whenever — and on whatever device — is most convenient.

  • Customer profile

    Holistic customer profile

    Respond with more context by using the most complete customer profile that contains information across social networks, CRM systems, interests, influence, tags, and internal notes across departments.

  • Ai

    Artificial intelligence & machine learning

    Learn from posts you’ve responded to in the past to help you better respond to posts in the future — and apply sentiment, all without the need to manually train.

  • Encrypted

    Verification & encrypted sessions

    Authenticate the identity of customers to increase confidence when handling personal data and securely collect and own personal data.


“Adding messaging to our platform in order to bring customers’ personal data into support conversations makes the customer feel more secure, and it makes our legal team feel more secure as well.”

— Senior Social Media Strategist, Sprint

  • 0%
    of all customer conversations now go to secure messaging
  • 0%
    remained in-channel through issue resolution, reducing call-backs

Product used: Messaging

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