WhatsApp Business

Connect to billions of users across every country on the world’s most popular messaging app.


Send proactive notifications

Deliver timely and personalized messages with higher open and click-through rates than traditional channels. 

Send customer service notifications for flight updates, fraud alerts, or appointment confirmations that prevent future calls and increase customer satisfaction.

Deflect calls, reduce costs

Don’t make customers wait on hold. Give them the option to ask questions and get support in a messaging conversation directly from your 800 number’s IVR, buttons on your site, email footers, and QR codes.


Conversational ads on Facebook & Instagram

Customers that engage in messaging conversations are more likely to convert than others. Instead of driving traffic to low conversion websites or forms, give customers a clear path to ask questions and get support, capitalizing on their peak interest when engaging with your brand’s content.

Industry-leading efficiency

Khoros Care combines WhatsApp with the widest range of messaging channels in the industry’s most efficient and easy-to-use platform — so agents never miss an opportunity to deliver your brand’s best service.

Learn more about what Khoros Care can do for your brand on WhatsApp.

AI-powered chatbots & agent tools

Equip your agents with AI to automatically suggest the best response, machine learning for advanced routing and prioritization, and chatbots that can quickly resolve up to 40% of customer inquiries.