Manage emails with better agent tools and automation

Handle your high email volume with the same AI and efficiencies that chat and messaging agents love.


Respond to emails directly within 

Khoros Care

Customers deserve fast, high-quality service in every channel — especially email. Consolidate email, chat, and messaging into a single hub with industry-leading workflows and ease-of-use.

Don’t sacrifice email capabilities

Harness pre-built APIs to enable forwarding and CCs, and set dynamic headers and signatures that manage expectations or offer the option to deflect to mobile messaging channels.


Industry-leading efficiency

Khoros Care combines email with the widest range of messaging channels in the industry’s most efficient and easy-to-use platform — so agents never miss an opportunity to deliver your brand’s best service.

Learn more about what Khoros Care can do for your brand on email.

AI-powered chatbots & agent tools

Equip your agents with AI to automatically suggest the best response, machine learning for advanced routing and prioritization, and chatbots that can quickly resolve up to 40% of customer inquiries.