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Khoros Messaging

Keep customers happy by never missing an opportunity to connect.

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Khoros Messaging enables:

  • Personalized one-on-one customer experiences

    Enable authentic, real-time conversations with empowered agents and bot assistance to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Improved customer satisfaction

    Resolve customers’ needs quickly, easily, and personally by being instantly accessible in their channel of choice.

  • Real-time to anytime conversations

    Don’t let a conversation drop because a session ended or a device changed.

  • Secure transfer

    Continue conversations from public and private social feeds to secure, owned customer messaging for data protection and control over end-to-end customer experience.


  • Sheets

    Multiple channels, single workflow

    Reduce agent training time, especially for flex agents

  • Complex solution

    Advanced workflows

    Automatically filter, tag, prioritize, and route to the most appropriate work queue or agent for prompt resolution.

  • Health

    Operational analytics

    Plan resources, optimize performance, and prove business value with advanced agent performance and customer experience metrics.

  • Chat bot


    Automatically label posts with actionability, sentiment, language, source, and content tags to optimize workflows and reporting.

  • Notification

    Notification & alerts

    Receive email, desktop, and mobile alerts so you can adjust staffing and priorities on the fly.

  • Interaction

    Persistent conversations across devices and time

    Never lose context in a customer messaging interaction, and ensure customers can re-engage whenever—and on whatever device—is most convenient.

  • Heirarchy

    Multi-level prioritization

    Automatically scan and assign priorities based on custom rules so agents work the most important issues first.

  • Verification


    Authenticate the identity of customers to increase confidence when handling personal data.

  • Customer

    Holistic customer profile

    Respond with more context by using the most complete customer profile that contains information across social networks, CRM systems, interests, influence, tags, and internal notes across departments.

  • Virtual reality

    Artificial intelligence/machine learning

    Learn from posts you’ve responded to in the past to help you better respond to posts in the future — and apply sentiment, all without the need to manually train.

  • Vault govern

    Encrypted sessions

    Securely collect and own personal data.

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Keep customers for life by always being there in their moment of need.

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