Jan-28-2021, conversational design platform, joins Khoros

Mike Betzer, General Manager of Khoros Care

We’re excited to welcome to Khoros, as we continue to expand our conversational AI and machine learning (ML) platform capabilities. This acquisition represents another step forward in delivering on our commitment to provide innovative, scalable, and automated ways to improve the customer experience. has made a name for itself in the creation and management of chatbots to automate customer service, marketing, and CX across digital messaging channels. They’ve built a strong business with many of the world’s top brands by creating chatbots that drive results using their enterprise-grade platform. Their customers see a 20% reduction, on average, of live agents needed for customer service. With an unparalleled drag-and-drop UI, customers see a 10x faster time-to-market compared with code-based solutions. And, as you’d expect from a true enterprise platform, operates at scale with millions of conversations automated and handled each month.

The ultimate conversational design platform offers the leading way to design, build and implement conversational AI. They’ve perfected an easy-to-use bot builder with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Whether you’re creating a simple bot or a fully-automated virtual assistant, they’ve refined the fundamental tools you need and laid the foundations allowing you to do amazing work.

Further,’s Natural Language Processing engine makes it simple for non-technical users to train their bot to detect a wide range of consumer intents by using plain language. They’ve also kept a keen eye to being UX design-focused. They built every feature to make it easier for you to do your best work, at every stage of your process.

We’ll continue to tout the incredible product that the team has built, but here are key value props for our current and future customers:

  • Customer service: Supercharge customer support and service agents by automating messaging across any channel.

  • Marketing and Sales: Engage target groups on the channels they prefer and offer a personalized experience.

  • Virtual assistants: Provide app-like functionality and integrate chatbots within your own software stack.

With, we look forward to extending the AI and ML capabilities of our chatbot, Khoros Bot — for brands to increase self-service and operational agility. The robust catalog of open APIs in the Khoros automation framework will allow us to stay “bot agnostic” and we’ll continue to allow brands to integrate with any third-party bot provider.

We’re proud to support this new, innovative product with expert implementation and guidance on chatbot strategy with our award-winning Professional Services and Strategic Services teams. These teams have deep expertise in helping brands identify the steps in the customer journey best suited for automation and how to maximize the satisfaction and ROI of those experiences.

A year of growth and investment at Khoros

2021 has just begun but it’s already a big year for us here at Khoros, starting with the recent acquisition of Topbox just earlier this month. With Topbox and, we’re delivering the industry’s most complete solution for a unified, actionable view of the customer to create next-level customer experiences.

For more information on our acquisition, read the full press release here.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to a great year ahead together,

Mike Betzer
General Manager of Khoros Care

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