Product Overview: The Khoros automation framework

Why is automation important? 

Digital conversation volume is growing fast as the number of new channels and their popularity with consumers increase. Brands must be where their customers are and provide the same high levels of service achieved across traditional support channels.

The Khoros Care solution features an agnostic automation framework that allows brands to plug in and replace bots as their needs evolve. Khoros’ Automation Framework coordinates your digital front line — from bots to human agents, across digital channels — to ensure the delivery of a positive customer experience. With an open set of APIs, Khoros supports any automation provider, maximizing the opportunity of bots while minimizing the risk.

Key features include:

  • Conversation continuity: By connecting your chatbot into the core agent workflow, conversational continuity is enhanced.
  • Fail-over protection: Khoros Automation Framework provides “air traffic control” between your bot(s), agents, and channels by centralizing all of your care-related automation services.
  • Resolution reporting: While chatbot providers alone may be able to report on the number of bot interactions, Khoros Automation Framework offers added analytics for a broader view tied to ROI.

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