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Topbox joins Khoros: The industry’s most comprehensive solution for a unified, actionable view of your customer

by Jack Blaha, CEO | Jan 04, 2021

At Khoros, we’re starting 2021 with big news: today, we are excited to announce that Khoros has acquired CX innovator Topbox. Combined, we will deliver the industry’s most comprehensive solution for a unified, actionable view of the customer to create next-level customer experiences. Imagine: your customers keep running into the same issue with the assembly of your hot new toy on Christmas Day and flood your understaffed contact center with questions. What if you could tune into this feedback and immediately activate a proactive response through a community post, outbound social messaging, and automated messaging responses, all with the updated step-by-step instructions so your customers can assemble like a pro and avoid their kids’ meltdown? Together, Khoros and Topbox will give you the power to do just that.

Our vision is to help brands create customers for life by delivering human connection across the customer experience — that starts with listening to your customers and providing them with meaningful engagement. With Topbox, we’re excited to make this vision a reality.

Powerful CX insights for better customer engagement

Today, companies are having millions of direct conversations with customers across a growing number of channels. Every channel is important and companies can’t afford to selectively listen. So, Topbox created an innovative solution for brands to access, analyze, and understand what is driving all that volume in real-time, in one place, to empower you to manage the workload and deliver a better customer experience.

With Topbox’s omnichannel CX analytics platform, brands can contextualize customer conversations based on an organization’s products, business processes, and trending topics — all accessible in one single view. Topbox uses what Forrester Research calls “agnostic aggregation” of disparate data from different point solutions: call recordings, chat transcripts, emails, social media, surveys, reviews, in-app communications, web feedback, and more. Then, it applies proprietary NLP and AI to power comprehensive CX analyses and unveil how a customer feels and, more importantly, why they feel that way.

In addition to facilitating prompt and proactive responses to customer issues, as described above, Topbox insights empower businesses to address friction at its source, resolving the root cause and permanently improving customers’ experience with that part of the business. In the example above, this might mean updating the instructions that ship with the toy, or even revisiting the product itself to make future models easier to assemble. The goal of customer experience management (CXM) is not just better contact center interactions, but fewer of them.

Topbox insights will become actionable in Khoros’ award-winning digital customer engagement platform in early 2021. Once fully integrated, Khoros and Topbox will empower brands with greater intelligence to create deeper connections with customers in their channel of choice.

Our continued growth through 2021

Our acquisition of Topbox is backed by a significant new growth equity investment from our parent company, Vista Equity Partners. In addition to funding the acquisition, the capital raised will accelerate our company’s organic momentum in the market, including plans to hire an additional 20% in 2021 with a concentration on increasing our Engineering, Support, and Go-to-Market talent.

For more information on this acquisition, Topbox, and our recent growth investment from Vista, read the full press release here.

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