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How Jawwy Empowered Customers with a Khoros Community

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Executive summary

Jawwy from STC is a digital mobile experience in Saudi Arabia that empowers customers to personalize, monitor, and manage their plans in real time. Once customers have installed a Jawwy SIM, they can download an app to take control of the services they buy and use. Although customers have access to freshly designed digital channels for purchases and support, they previously lacked agency in the support process. Jawwy decided to improve their customer self-service and peer-to-peer support via a vibrant, responsive Khoros Community and Khoros Care in order to increase their customer satisfaction and NPS scores.

Before partnering with Khoros, Jawwy struggled to keep their FAQ information up-to-date and in line with the knowledge their customer support team shared with customers. This issue made it hard for customers to easily get answers to important commonly asked questions, such as where they can buy recharge vouchers. The brand wanted one user-friendly place where customers could access agents, find answers for themselves, or even consult peers. Jawwy also wanted to demonstrate to their customers that their care team is highly trained and could deliver stellar customer service. After exploring many platforms and vendors, Jawwy found that Khoros Care and Khoros Community met both their needs and expectations.

After onboarding Khoros Community, Jawwy updated their FAQ to include recharge voucher distributor locations and a how-to guide in both of their primary languages. The brand went one step further and trained agents to use the Knowledge Base in Khoros Care to direct customers on social media wanting to buy a recharge voucher to their map locator. These optimizations led to an increase in recharge vouchers sold and less customer queries in regards to locations that sell them.

With Khoros, Jawwy has created a user-friendly interface for their customer care agents to manage interactions across all channels with strong peer-to-peer support and a gamification tool that supports Jawwy’s overall strategy. In addition to the knowledge base that supports both customers and employees, Khoros also supports Jawwy’s self-care initiatives. Now, Jawwy customers are empowered throughout their journey, from choosing and managing services that fit them to choosing a support method that they prefer.

How they made it work

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    Khoros Care and Community to support their agents’ care efforts as well as their customers’ self-care and peer-to-peer preferences.

  • Multi winner


    Stress on their customer support team while also offering unparalleled care.

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    Their FAQ on the community and trained their social media care team to use Knowledge Base for better customer care.

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    A gamification tool into their care efforts.

“With Khoros, we now have one platform to manage all social interactions, including strong community forums that put less stress on our care team, while providing the best-in-class experience to Jawwy customers.”
— Ramy Metwally
Head of Social Media Care, Jawwy


With Khoros, Jawwy is able to nimbly respond to customer feedback, update their app offerings, and support their care team in communicating necessary changes in offerings to customers. Khoros has helped Jawwy implement self-serve and peer support as well as improve their digital response times — all of which has made a noticeable difference in their bottom line.

  • 1.4M+

    In annual support-cost savings

  • 98%

    Of chat responses in under two minutes

  • 95%

    Of social responses in under 15 minutes