How Jawwy doubled digital care volume, cut costs, and raised CSAT

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Our customers spend most of their time online on their phones — on social apps — so we decided to offer digital support there, rather than force them to chase us down on other channels.

— George Attia
VP of Customer Care, Jawwy

Executive summary

Jawwy, from STC (Saudi Telecom Company), is a fully digital mobile service provider in Saudi Arabia that empowers customers to personalize, monitor, and manage their plans in real-time. Once customers have installed a Jawwy SIM, they can download an app to take control of the services they buy and use without ever visiting a brick-and-mortar location. When it came to customer support, Jawwy wanted to be a customer-first operation, meeting customers where they already message and interact, and improving self-service and peer-to-peer support capabilities. Their solution to both was consolidating their customers favorite messaging channels into Khoros Care, and onboarding a vibrant, responsive Khoros Community.

A few short years ago, Jawwy wanted to move to 100% digital customer care and away from less convenient channels like voice, but they didn’t have any messaging capabilities. Jawwy used Khoros Care and Communities to migrate all digital customer interactions into one support queue, regardless of the channel. This increased efficiency by 20% and significantly reduced the number of support agents required to serve customers — amounting to over $1M in annual cost savings. With support from Khoros, Jawwy also expanded their digital care efforts into additional channels, including Khoros Messaging, their mobile app, web chat, WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter. Facebook provided support with Whatsapp business for Jawwy as the first operator in the Middle East. Now, with support from Khoros, Jawwy has one platform with one unified team, and has maintained an impressive 87% CSAT on all social media channels and responded to 90% of all inquiries in 10 minutes or less.

While meeting customers in their preferred channels was a priority, Jawwy also saw an opportunity to add a branded messaging experience to their mobile-app and online portal. With these native web chat and in-app messaging entry points, customers no longer have to look for contact information and navigate to other channels in order to initiate a conversation. The ease-of-access of native chat experiences, plus easy to use CSAT surveys and other native functionality, have made a huge impact on reducing customer effort to get support.

In order to increase customer adoption of self-service and peer-to-peer support tools, Jawwy launched an initiative to promote their community and increase the volume of engagements there, and as a result increased community registrations. They reassigned dedicated social media support agents to moderate and engage the community, which increased community posts, created more accepted solutions, and reduced the number of customer inquiries for common questions in their support channels.

Jawwy integrated their improved community knowledge base into Khoros Care’s agent desktop so that their support teams could benefit from quick access to the same high quality solutions and guides that customers were using. Their internal support and product teams also make valuable use of the Jawwy community’s Ideas Lab hub, where customers suggest and vote on ways to enhance products and services. Now, Jawwy has empowered customers throughout their journey, from choosing and managing services that fit them to choosing a support method that they prefer. Jawwy is excited to continue partnering with Khoros, and they now rely on Khoros solutions to manage 100% of their support channels.

After consolidating messaging channels and optimizing their community, Jawwy is turning their attention to deeper system integrations and automations. For integrations, this includes connecting their CRM to Khoros Care for better agent tools and conversation personalization, and connecting Khoros Care data to their global voice-of-customer platform to achieve a greater 360 view of customer journeys. For automations, they aim to deploy Khoros’ web chat to their community to offer automated registration and content discovery experiences, and deploy a chatbot across multiple channels to help deliver faster service for common customer intents.

How they made it work

  • Multi app


    Khoros manage view to look at all channels at once, including Care and Community, to redistribute agents according to spikes in volume.

  • Multi winner


    CRM data and social metrics to prioritize and provide context to agents when responding to customers.

  • Multi growth


    the channels they offer to meet their customers’ needs.

  • Multi 221


    social media support agents to community moderation.

We consider Khoros a key strategic partner. We jettisoned all other platforms in our move to be completely digital in our customer service approach and we now depend solely on Khoros for 100% of our support channels.

— George Attia
VP of Customer Care, Jawwy


With Khoros, Jawwy boosted its customer satisfaction scores and reduced its response times — all with fewer support agents. Jawwy’s ability to monitor activity from Khoros Care and Khoros Communities all from one central location is what led to increasing customer satisfaction scores while also greatly reducing their response times. Jawwy is on the way to their goal of becoming completely digital in their customer care offerings, and they rely on Khoros for 100% of their support channels. Combining Khoros Care plus Communities is what has created this digital transformation.

  • 87%

    CSAT on social channels; 90% receive <10min response time

  • 20%

    reduction in support agents

  • $1M+

    annual support cost savings