Customer Agreements

Here you can find links to all of our current customer agreements.

  • Master Services Agreement

    If you pay for any of our Services, the Khoros MSA is the main agreement covering your rights, responsibilities, and obligations under the subscription, as well as Khoros'.

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  • Data Protection Agreement

    Our Data Protection Agreement highlights our privacy obligations to you and, in turn, what we expect from you when using our Services. There are four variations of our DPA and which on applies depends on where around the world your users are based.

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  • Service Level Agreement

    The Khoros SLA is incorporated into all Khoros MSAs with our customers.

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  • Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

    Prior to starting discussions about purchasing any of our Services, we require that our customers enter into a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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  • Trial Agreement

    This Trail Agreement is for Customers interested in trying our Services.

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  • Third Party Integrations and Services - Terms and Conditions

    This list of terms and conditions may be applicable to you if you choose to integrate any of the listed Third Parties into your use of the Khoros Services.

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  • MSA and Data Protection Guide

    This helpful guide explains both Khoros' and your obligations under our MSA and DPA. This guide also provides an overview of our data protection practices.

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  • Technical Definitions

    A helpful list of definitions that may be utilized in our MSA.

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Contact Information

  • Legal

    For general legal questions and notices, please email

  • Privacy and Subject Access Requests

    If you have a subject access request, please fill out the form here.

  • Compliance

    For general compliance questions, please email To report an ethics or compliance violation, please visit our Ethics and Compliance Hotline here.

  • Security

    For questions about Khoros’s information security policies and data protection, please email

  • Khoros Suppliers

    If you are a Khoros supplier and need to contact us, please email Procurement at or Accounts Payable at