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Symantec Scales Social Customer Service with Khoros Care

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Executive summary

Symantec Corporation is the global leader in cybersecurity. They operate one of the world’s largest cyber intelligence networks and protect customers from the next generation of attacks. Symantec helps companies, governments, and individuals secure their most important data. They wanted to implement a new digital solution to give their customers global access to social customer service with a quicker response time and a one-on-one customer experience. To accomplish their goals, Symantec decided to replace their prior vendor with Khoros Care so they could expand their top-tier customer care team and respond to issues more efficiently.

When Symantec began offering social support, they had a small team of just three people. As their team grew, they knew they needed a solution that was built for collaboration. They tried out the solution another Symantec team had been using, but they quickly found that all of the positive customer feedback they’d been getting stopped due to the solution’s unnecessary extra layers between the brand and their customers that caused extremely long delays in their responses. The social care team sought a solution that was focused on customer service, and they found Khoros Care. Khoros was entirely focused on the customer experience and enabling the support team to engage with customers and find solutions, thereby offering positive experiences on social networks. Symantec chose Khoros Care because of the solution’s investment in customer service.

With Khoros, Symantec achieved a quicker response time (from 24 hours down to 3 minutes), true collaboration, an expanded team, and multi-language support (for example, if an inquiry comes into the queue in French, it automatically gets routed to their French team). The social care team now has a seat at meetings where colleagues are discussing support issues — and they’re finally able to contribute data because of Khoros Care. Symantec as a whole continues to invest in the social customer care team because they’ve seen great results, especially with customer sentiment conversations. Their agents have been able to respond much more efficiently, handle more cases with ease, and assist customers more intelligently.

How they made it work

  • Multi 221


    Their care team from three to 20 people.

  • Multi wifi


    Their hours of operation to include the weekends with the support of Khoros Care.

  • Multi winner


    True collaboration among social customer care team members by ensuring everyone had access to the same customer information.

  • Multi wellbeing


    Customer relationships by responding quickly and offering satisfying resolutions to questions and problems.

“We can handle more volume with less effort now. We’re able to make sure all customers are being responded to and no one is being left behind. The move to Khoros Care has been groundbreaking for us.”
— Tim Lopez
Project Manager, Social Customer Care, Symantec


All of Symantec’s positive customer sentiments went away with their previous vendor. However, as soon as they switched to Khoros Care, the positive comments immediately came back. They saw more delighted customers who didn’t have to wait long for a reply, and they gained the ability to seamlessly help customers. They increased the number of unique cases they monitored by 74%. There was an immediate spike in engagement with their customers as soon as they moved to the Khoros Care solution.

  • 3 min

    Average response time

  • 12

    Languages monitored on a single support handle

  • 162%

    Increase in outbound response volume