Google’s Business Messages and Khoros Care

Learn why communicating via Google’s Business Messages is the best way to deflect calls and provide a richer customer experience.

Use Google’s Business Messages to deflect calls and create a richer customer experience

In many cases, Google is the first way that customers interact with a brand — for contact information, support, and more. When they search for a company, they usually see a phone number and assume that’s the only (or the best) way to get in touch. Google’s Business Messages offers convenient entry points in organic search, local search, Maps, and in customizable buttons on your website or app. Consumers increasingly prefer messaging over calling, and by making it easy to engage in their preferred channel, brands can reduce call volume.

In this easy-to-read one-pager, we’ll show you how integrating Google’s Business Messages into your customer care strategy makes communication easier, more efficient, and better for the customer.

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