Google discusses chatbot & conversation design for rich messaging channels

Automation and artificial intelligence are no longer optional

Automated solutions and AI used to be a luxury for customer support — now, they’re a necessity. Keeping up with the barrage of incoming support inquiries from customers is difficult enough on a legacy system like phone or session-based chat.

Across almost every industry, customers want faster, more customized responses. Top brands are turning to automation and messaging channels to deliver these rich customer service experiences.

What you’ll learn about chatbots and messaging

We partnered with Google’s messaging experts to demonstrate how your brand can design chatbot flows and use modern messaging channels to improve customer satisfaction.

In this 30 minute session, we’ll examine:

  • When a customer experience should (and shouldn’t) be automated. No longer can a brand simply add more human agents to support growing channels and volume. It’s important to identify what types of conversations to automate to deliver the best customer experiences and most efficient interactions.
  • Best practices for chatbots. As powerful as AI is, it shouldn't completely replace human agents. Rather, chatbots are most effective when deployed alongside agents. Learn how to structure AI-powered chatbot conversations to make them clear, helpful, and seamlessly coordinated with your agent’s workflows.
  • Google’s Business Messages. This messaging channel reaches billions of Android and iOS customers. It can integrate seamlessly with your brand’s modern care solution — including chatbots — to enrich customer experiences, making it ideal for not just for automation, but for reducing call volumes and improving customer satisfaction.
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