Contact Center Data Fabric: Weaving unstructured data into automation and insight webinar

Join us for a chat with customer engagement experts Brian Cantor, Chris Tranquill, and Gijs van de Nieuwegiessen to learn about how your brand can leverage contact center data.

Contact Center Data Fabric Webinar

The importance of CX data

If you’re like most brands, you have a ton of unstructured data from your customer interactions across every channel you use: Voice, social media, web chat, SMS, email, and more. You’re probably also not quite sure how to leverage that data to turn it into better business outcomes. If that sounds like you, this is the conversation that can help you solve your problems.

This is a vitally important area for any business that regularly interacts with customers. Customer interactions can provide clues that help improve experiences and develop deeper, more meaningful relationships with the people that matter most to your business: The customers themselves. For every customer who bothers to contact your brand about an issue, dozens don’t — that’s an immense churn risk, especially if you ignore potentially valuable information like unstructured CX data.

A conversation about turning data into insights, and insights into experience

In this quick, 45-minute conversation, customer engagement expert Brian Cantor, Principal Analyst for CCW Digital, sits down with Gijs van de Nieuwegiessen and Khoros’s own Chris Tranquill about using CX data analytics to make a real difference in any organization. They will cover basic strategies any organization can use to create better leads and to nurture customer relationships. With the power of CX analytics, you can make your customers not just tolerant of your brand’s experience, but loyal to it. In a crowded, global marketplace where brands are heavily investing in digital-first strategies to reduce customer effort, that’s a huge leg up.

Listen to the conversation now to learn how to create this benefit for your brand.

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