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How Virgin Mobile Australia Leveraged Khoros to Decrease Costs and Improve Customer Service

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Executive summary

Virgin Mobile Australia is a leading provider in the telecommunications market with more than one million mobile and broadband subscribers. Social media played a crucial role in Virgin’s marketing and customer service strategy. However, as Virgin increased their use of social media, their limited staff couldn’t keep up with the posts, comments, and questions from their audience. Virgin wanted to improve their ability to respond to customers, reduce the load on their call center, and also improve their customer satisfaction rating, as measured by the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is a ratio that shows how customers are recommending the products and services of a brand to each other. To meet their goals, they decided to build a Khoros-powered community.

Virgin wasn’t able to handle the volume of social media interactions they were fielding on Facebook and Twitter or respond effectively to the requests for customer service on their other support channels, so they looked for the best way to achieve an innovative solution to their care needs. They decided to partner with Khoros because the scalability of the community appealed to their goals for growth and provided a great foundation for support-based ROI. Virgin had a growing number of broadband subscribers and the cost factor was also very important to them. They knew that Khoros would be a great partner for the long-term because Virgin Media UK had successfully worked with Khoros for a number of years.

With their Khoros-powered community, Virgin was able to realize their goals of providing world-class customer support. They were also able to provide a service-oriented platform that allowed people to ask questions and find solutions online rather than contacting the call center. In the first year, they achieved 435 accepted solutions through peer-to-peer customer support and Virgin’s NPS increased after they onboarded Khoros. Community-based problem-solving fit the Virgin brand well and it saved them a significant amount of support costs.

How they made it work

  • Multi 221


    Senior management in the onboarding of their community to ensure executive sponsorship.

  • Multi blog


    Articles with the community Knowledge Base.

  • Multi winner


    Community forums for discussions and generating peer-to-peer content.

  • Multi wifi


    The Ideas Exchange feature of the Khoros community along with the mobile solution solely for support purposes.

“Our goal for our community members is for them to have limited interaction with Virgin staff — we try to only interact when the customer wants us to do so. Every interaction we do have should make the relationship stronger, and Khoros supports our goals.”
— David Scribner
Virgin Mobile Australia CEO


Virgin’s Khoros-powered community has made it possible for them to keep pace with the ever-increasing number of social media customer support messages they receive across social channels while also reducing the load on their call center as well as reducing support costs. Virgin not only successfully built and implemented their community, but they improved their customer satisfaction ratings in the process, which will help them earn customers for life.

  • 35%

    Of members access community via mobile

  • 300K

    Page views per month

  • 435

    Peer-to-peer accepted solutions within the first year