Upgrade your listening — get hi-fi CX analytics & block out the noise

While surveys have traditionally been the primary earpiece for monitoring and improving the quality of customer service interactions, it comes with its host of challenges (i.e. the noise): they only account for 7.5% of all customer interactions, they don’t provide the context or detail needed to resolve the root cause of inefficiencies, and growing survey fatigue leads to diminishing take rates.

In today’s omnichannel world, leaders need to ditch the out-dated walkman for a hi-fi CX listening solution that provides quality, depth, and clarity to their customer feedback soundtrack by leveraging their most valuable and underutilized resource: voice data.

Watch this OnDemand webinar to learn how CX and contact center leaders are going beyond surveys, using CX analytics to unify and quantify voice and text interactions into actionable insights that make it easy to resolve customer friction fast – reducing operational costs, improving agent performance, increasing sales revenue and creating omnichannel experiences that drive long-lasting loyalty in the process.

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