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Post Office UK Successfully Leverages Khoros for Their #LoveSundays Campaign

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Executive summary

With over 370 years of service, the Post Office is the UK’s largest retail network. It’s the largest financial services chain in the UK with more branches than all of the UK’s banks and building societies put together. The Post Office is an independent multi-channel business, separated from Royal Mail, and it’s embarking on an era of growth, modernization, and customer excellence in serving the UK population. To increase traffic to the Post Office branches, boost sales of parcels and letters, and to overcome negative perceptions about the brand, the Post Office decided to partner with Khoros on a real-time marketing campaign, #LoveSundays. The campaign was designed to dominate social media for just one day and leverage Khoros Marketing and Khoros Care to monitor and track awareness and customer engagement on social media.

The Post Office knew from their own research that their customers had low awareness of the Post Office’s Sunday opening hours, and they turned to Khoros to increase awareness. Their #LoveSundays Twitter campaign would celebrate everything great about Sundays, from brunch to pajamas to Sunday dinner and—of course—the Post Office’s Sunday hours. Twitter was the perfect place to generate broad awareness and to engage their audience with the core campaign message. The Post Office leveraged Khoros in the monitoring and response phases of their campaign. During monitoring, the Post Office team used Khoros to surface conversations with keywords and phrases and respond to inquiries. The Post Office partnered with two marketing agencies for their #LoveSundays campaign, and Khoros made sharing information and tracking customer interactions seamless. Khoros also helped the brand organize every conversation into appropriate queues and manage agent efficiencies by routing to different team members for approvals.

How they made it work

  • Multi 206


    A social content tiered approach for campaign-day that focused on activation, reacting in real-time, a war room, and aligned content for partners.

  • Multi 210


    Customer data seamlessly with Khoros, helping them deliver personalized interactions to customers both during and after the campaign.

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    Tweets from influencers and participated in conversations based on what was trending at the time.

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    Customer interests to engage on a personalized level.

“Having our agencies use Khoros during the campaign gave us a safety net — all replies went through to us, via Khoros, for approval, before getting published — and everything was more efficient.”
— Darren Jones
Senior Social Media Manager, Post Office


Khoros was already an established platform within the Post Office, but this campaign was the first time the Post Office partnered with outside marketing agencies. Both agencies found the platform very easy to use, there were no duplicated replies, and no customer service queries were forgotten during the campaign. Perhaps best of all, #LoveSundays trended on Twitter without the Post Office paying for a promoted trend.

  • 6.01

    Average engagement rate on Twitter

  • 866%

    Increase in branch finder page views

  • 2M+

    Impressions on Twitter