The TikTok Toolkit

Launch your brand’s TikTok strategy

1. Introduction

TikTok has exploded in popularity. While brands have surely heard of this monumental shift, many don’t have the information they need to create and activate a strategy on the app. As it continues to influence culture outside of the platform from music to food and everything in between, it’s time to start thinking about TikTok. 

Read on to learn everything you need to launch your first TikTok campaign.

2. How it works

  1. Powerful Algorithm & FYP: Users have praised TikTok’s algorithm for showing relevant content on users’ For You Page (FYP) feed, which can catapult everyday people into major influencers overnight.

  2. Customizable Music & Sounds: Audio is a key piece of TikTok content. Most videos include a popularized “TikTok song” or trending sound from another video. Users can save music and sounds as they come across them for later use in video creation.

  3. Fun & Informative Content: Content is fun, often humorous, and encourages collaboration among users. The easy-to-digest, captivating format allows educational content to spread quickly across the app. 

3. Audience

90% of active TikTok users visit the app more than once per day and the next-highest, Facebook, is just 49%
67% have said the app inspired them to shop even when they weren’t looking to do so
63% feel that they can be their “true selves” on TikTok
52 min Spent on the app per day, on average

TikTok sparks connection, collaboration, and community without sacrificing individuality.

4. The TikTok effect

TikTokers build community and trust by sharing their true authentic selves every day on the platform. It’s a place people go to let their weirdness show, and the community has really embraced that. It’s a beautiful thing to watch happen in real-time.

    The weirder, the better — or rather, the more unique. Elsa Majimbo is a comedian who started going viral due to her trademark “eating chips comedy.” She would often make jokes while, you guessed it, eating a bag of chips and ultimately staying true to herself is what raised her to international fame.

    This window into a creator's everyday and personal life helps builds credibility their audience.

      Honesty is key with TikTok audiences. Maia Knight is a single, young mother of twins on TikTok who has gained over 7 million followers by truthfully depicting the highs and lows of motherhood. She has shared personal stories about what it’s like to raise twins on her own and how the decision has provided her with joy, fulfillment, and of course, struggles.

      Through strategic collaborations, marketers have an opportunity to maximize reach, relevance, and resonance. We’ll talk more about this in the next section, but just remember that TikTok isn’t the same as Instagram or Meta. There are more creative freedoms available to you here; take advantage of them.

      For example, Taco Bell has been featuring Doja Cat’s songs on their commercials and they recently took that collaboration to their TikTok account. In a very Doja-like way, she claims that Taco Bell is “forcing” her to make this TikTok while encouraging users to download the Taco Bell app for surprise rewards. Taco Bell got across their marketing message while maintaining Doja’s hilarity and authenticity.

      5. Do’s and don’ts


      • Make it fun! Take inspiration from trends & memes to develop content.

      • Find and work with creators native to the platform.

      • Leverage sound. Think about how a particular sound can elevate your content’s appeal.


      • Give yourself some space. Don’t plug your own brand and product from the get-go.

      • Don’t repurpose content originally meant to be shared on other platforms.

      • Be authentic and real. Stay away from looking too sleek & polished.

      6.  Looking for more help with your TikTok Strategy? 

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