Understanding TikTok for brands

Experts from Khoros Strategic Services break down how brands can take advantage of the social media platform that caught fire in 2020.

TikTok is leading the way on social media

Although video streaming platforms have taken advantage of short-form content for almost a decade (remember Vine?), TikTok has changed the game. It grew slightly in users (or creators) after its founding in 2018, but exploded amid the global pandemic in 2020. Suddenly, TikTok was more than a novelty for Gen-Zers; it was a cultural phenomenon on a massive scale.

And as we get further into 2021, even government regulations and competition from established platforms like Instagram have not slowed TikTok down. 100 million Americans actively use TikTok every month. Many of these are in the younger generations, but not all; Gen Zers only number about 70 million.

How can brands take advantage of the TikTok boom?

In this webinar, social media and product experts from Khoros will tackle the basics surrounding TikTok: how it works, why it’s so popular, and most importantly, what brands can do on the platform. There are enormous opportunities here for brands; 67% of active TikTok users have said the app inspired them to shop even when they weren’t looking to do so.

Brands — both in retail and elsewhere — can’t afford to miss out on this type of opportunity. So if you’re interested in taking advantage, watch the webinar now and learn how to tap into the TikTok community.

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