Take our TikTok challenge

Brought to you by Khoros Strategic Services

TikTok Checklist

In our Understanding TikTok for Brands webinar, our Strategic Services team covers everything brands must know in order to launch their TikTok strategies. They developed this checklist as a challenge to inspire brands to create their first TikToks.

  1. Sign-up and tok the tok. Take in trends and build up your platform sophistication before jumping in to activate.

  2. Search your brand category terms to identify the passions and creators driving the conversation.

  3. Plan for long-term partnerships with creators. It’s not a one-and-done deal on TikTok.

  4. Start small with risk-taking. Little moments can lead to big rewards. Get comfortable with jumping in and being nimble.

  5. Hold off tapping the heart until you’ve built up your own content feed to be proud of.

  6. Be true to your brand. Don’t be the “pick-me” brand when you haven’t built a strong community on the platform.


Want to learn more about TikTok before diving in? Check out our TikTok webinar