How TELUS Delivers a Customer-First Approach to the Customer Experience

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Executive summary

TELUS is Canada’s fastest-growing national telecommunications company. TELUS provides a wide range of communications products and services and is Canada’s largest healthcare IT provider. TELUS’s top priority is putting customers first, which they aim to accomplish by delivering exceptional client experiences and becoming a world leader in customer advocacy. To accomplish their goals, TELUS onboarded Khoros Care and built a Khoros-powered community called the TELUS Neighbourhood.

Customer care and content creation weren’t aligned — one operated without the input or coordination of the other — but TELUS wanted to unite the two. In order to accomplish their goal, TELUS needed to redefine the role of social operations within the company. TELUS’s goal was to create a team rooted in both service and content creation excellence who could look at customer questions as unmet demand for support content, then work to meet that demand with social and crowdsourced content. With the support of Khoros, TELUS launched a Customer First Initiative focused on customer care and content development. Khoros Care supported TELUS’s efforts to seamlessly unite their care and content. With their Khoros-powered community, TELUS can now engage customers authentically and on their customers’ terms, which helps TELUS create customers for life.

TELUS’s care and content are now united, and both engage and satisfy TELUS customers while also saving organizational costs. More than 90 percent of TELUS community posts are now community-created, and in the first quarter of their partnership with Khoros, TELUS had more than 330,000 unique community visits.

How they made it work

  • Multi 210


    A software update schedule for mobile that was shared with customers, relieving frustrations.

  • Multi 209


    On social and got in front of potential customer concerns by leveraging content from users and crafting content.

  • Multi 221


    Managed digital inquiries while maintaining a high level of customer care.

  • Multi winner


    Their care and content teams to support customer needs.

“For the past decade, TELUS’s top priority has been putting customers first. With Khoros, we can meet our goals every day.”
— Scotty Jackson
Senior Strategy Manager, TELUS


By partnering with Khoros, TELUS led a successful Customer First Initiative: TELUS offset over 66,000 live contacts (call, email, webchat, or store visit) with the support of Khoros Care and their community and they found that 90% of their customers would recommend them to others. After launching their initiative, TELUS also found that their customers had an 89% likelihood of sharing their experiences with others, greatly boosting their word-of-mouth marketing potential

  • 98%

    Customer satisfaction rate

  • 80%

    Of Twitter responses in under 35 minutes

  • 3.6M

    In annualized operational savings