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How TechStyle Supports Their Customer Care Agents with Khoros

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Executive summary

TechStyle Fashion Group is a fashion and lifestyle company that offers an engaging and personalized shopping experience to millions of customers worldwide, including five million VIP members. TechStyle needed a way to better support their members’ expectations for a highly personalized experience, and they needed to empower more than 1,000 agents across four brands, twelve countries, and seven languages to deliver impeccable customer service. TechStyle also wanted to drive loyalty through personalized surprise and delight programs. To accomplish their goals, TechStyle onboarded Khoros Care.

Before partnering with Khoros, TechStyle didn’t have an effective way to sort through the hundreds of thousands of social posts directed at the brand. They also didn’t have a good system for supporting the self-care needs of their customers. With Khoros Care, TechStyle built a platform that allows them to efficiently organize all incoming social communications by region, content, and priority. Khoros Care enabled TechStyle customers to self-serve intuitively. TechStyle was also looking for a way to authentically connect with customers, and Khoros Care has supported their surprise and delight experiences for their customers.

Social listening, supported by Khoros Care, has transformed the way TechStyle provides support to their customers. Ordinary customer support interactions are now extraordinary and unforgettable. For example, a customer can message TechStyle that the shoes she wants for her wedding day are out of stock. TechStyle can create a surprise and delight experience for the customer by going back to the factory, re-ordering the shoes, and sending them to her with a note congratulating her on her big day. As TechStyle moves toward the future, they continue to expand their digital touchpoints and capabilities, personalize their use of Khoros Care, and explore new communication channels like SMS and Amazon Echo integration.

How they made it work

  • Multi 210


    Khoros Care with highly customized in-house tools.

  • Multi winner


    Surprise and delight programs for customers based on social listening and agent interactions.

  • Multi users


    Khoros Care with a Facebook Messenger Bot to offer a customized experience that uses metric learnings to optimize support.

  • Multi wifi


    The self-care efforts of their customers.

“With Khoros we can utilize social listening to maximize our impact on our customers and provide even more memorable experiences.”
— Anna Pettus
Senior Director Strategic Operations, TechStyle Fashion Group


With Khoros Care, TechStyle has offered many surprise and delight experiences to their customers, which has inspired their customers to share their experiences with friends, family, and social networks, building positive word-of-mouth. Their surprise and delight experiences have also fundamentally changed the culture of TechStyle’s member interactions, as now every employee is encouraged to take the extra time to make a personal connection with customers.

  • 5M

    support contacts annually

  • 20%

    Of support contained in self-service

  • 50K

    Surprise and delight programs