The 2021 CCW state of contact center technology

Why is tech so important in the contact center? What can it do? Get insights from top brands in this year’s state of contact center technology report.

The power of AI, ML, asynchronous chat, omnichannel analytics, and other tech in contact centers

What can technology do for the contact center in 2021 and beyond? How has it changed to improve efficiency, unlock greater value, and mitigate the impact of crises?

These questions became vitally important for contact center managers as 2020 progressed, and they’re just as important now. With industry-leading contact center software, some brands transitioned more smoothly than others to working from home, easing the impact of COVID-19. These technologies also helped them reduce agent effort and customer effort alike, leading to a better customer experience and a lower rate of agent attrition.

Ineffective legacy technology, on the other hand, often exacerbated the effects of an already-difficult year. Customers experienced a process with greater friction, frustrating both them and agents. This often affected business continuity, especially as customer care standards in most industries continue to rise. Legacy technology will only become more outdated; it’s time for brands to make the switch to digital-first solutions to empower their customers and agents.

This market study, sponsored by Khoros and other top brands in the customer care industry, will provide contact center managers with the information they need to right the technological ship. We’ll cover how companies responded to the events of 2020, both good and bad, as well as the worst mistakes and technological challenges that contact centers faced. Discover best practices for reprioritizing investments in contact center technology for 2021 and beyond.

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