How Sprint Turned Around Its Community with Khoros

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Executive summary

Sprint Corporation is the fourth largest telecommunications company in the U.S. with over 60 million customers. Sprint had its own branded communities with vast amounts of information, but customers struggled to navigate to relevant content, and they lost 80% of their community traffic over a four-year period. Sprint knew that their community was not being leveraged as the strong care channel it could be, so they enlisted Khoros. The brand needed to migrate its huge volume of community data into the new community and make the experience seamless for users. Taking that big of a plunge would make anyone nervous, but they did it in six weeks.

Before Sprint onboarded Khoros, they didn’t have the platform or support they needed to properly meet the needs of customers, and Sprint didn’t have the analytics available to understand where the community needed improvement. Customers who visited the Sprint Community felt frustrated and unable to find the content or 1:1 help needed to answer their questions. After all, there were 10 million posts, 10 years of data, and 3.2 million members there and the Sprint team didn’t have the resources to help customers effectively navigate it all. Sprint also wanted to engage with customers by reaching out to them on Facebook and Twitter, but the Sprint Community wasn’t prepared to receive them. When Sprint onboarded Khoros Care, that all changed. Sprint developed a highly trained team of digital customer care agents who are also fluent in brand voice: the SMARTeam (Social Media Advocacy and Resolution Team). The SMARTeam works in Sprint’s community engaging with customers, and they are also out on other channels working to bring people back to Sprint’s community to find answers to their questions. With Khoros, the SMART team can quickly and easily respond to customers at scale, create and curate relevant content, increase call deflection, and reduce average handle times for calls. Sprint also needed the ability to measure and report on the activity of their community, and Khoros provided them with the tools to do so.

After onboarding Khoros, Sprint gained deep insight into their community’s performance. Most notably, they saw a 200% increase in traffic to their community. With Khoros, Sprint can now evaluate the performance of its community and measure engagement — and they know for certain that they are getting their community members back. The Sprint Community is now optimized for users to find the resources they need or speak to an agent to solve their problems. Today, if you visit the Sprint Community, you’ll easily find what you’re looking for without being overwhelmed with content, connect readily with other customers, find helpful brand enthusiasts and agents waiting to respond, and discover helpful content tailored to your preferences. These improvements have led to a faster process for users to get the help they need and a 200% increase in call deflection.

How they made it work

  • Multi wifi


    10 years of data, 10 million posts, and 3.2 million members from existing branded communities into their Khoros Community.

  • Multi 221


    The SMART team’s engagement with customers both within the community and on Facebook and Twitter, all on the Khoros platform.

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    Relevant content, making it easier and faster for users to find answers to questions.

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    Average agent response time to 15 minutes and increased call deflection to achieve a 122% increase in deflection.

“We are now engaging in 163% more digital conversations in less than 15 minutes.”
— Allison Fasching 
Sr. Social Engagement & Community Strategist, Sprint


After onboarding Khoros, Sprint exceeded their total monthly community users goal by 75% within 90 days and their agents are responding faster and engaging in more conversations. Their average agent response time has gone down 25% to their new rate of 15 minutes. Additionally, with SMART, their call deflection volume has increased by 32%. They have seen a 200% increase in traffic and customers have reacted positively to the improvements and accepted solutions have gone up 175%.

  • 122%

    Increase in call deflection

  • 175%

    Increase in accepted solutions

  • 15m

    Average response time