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How Smarty Social Media Uses Khoros and Synthesio for Social Marketing

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Executive summary

Smarty Social Media is a boutique interactive marketing agency whose clients have serious social media needs. One client, in particular, is an FDA-regulated company. For this client, monitoring social media isn’t just a smart way to build a customer base and interact with fans — it’s a legal necessity. Smarty Social Media needed to track and monitor all conversations around this client’s product — for both FDA-approved product use and off-label product use — then alert their client to address any adverse reactions customers may experience, as required by the FDA. Smarty Social Media couldn’t miss a single brand mention on social, so they onboarded Khoros to keep track of all incoming mentions and integrated it with social listening tool Synthesio to sift through mentions efficiently.

Before leveraging Khoros, Smarty Social Media’s digital team had to track every social mention of their client on their own, and they had to try to make sense of those mentions for their client without the assistance of technology — leading to inefficiency. If even one mention about an adverse reaction went unnoticed or took too long to surface, their client would be in jeopardy. The high stakes of the FDA’s requirements meant that Smarty Social Media needed more assurance of their ability to both manage and monitor their client’s social media accounts. The Khoros + Synthesio partnership made this possible: Smarty Social Media gained the ability to view cross-platform mentions in a centralized place that also allowed them to pull in insights from across the web — beyond just mentions and hashtags.

With Khoros + Synthesio, Smarty Social Media can now listen to the total social mentions of their client’s product and see the breakdown by platform. They can understand the overall sentiment of social mentions about their client’s product, as well as see how their client is performing in the market. They can also identify pre-purchase intent trends and track their client’s competitors. Smarty Social Media is able to measure the performance and market impact of their client’s social media strategies, and they have the ability to filter FDA-related mentions to ensure their monitoring complies with FDA regulations. With Khoros, Smarty Social Media can easily export full, consolidated data reports for their client that demonstrate the amount of social volume Smarty Social Media handles, and they can help their client understand the types of conversations that are occurring around their brand. By leveraging all of these capabilities, Smarty Social Media can serve clients’ social media needs in a way that protects their brand, informs their strategies, and instills confidence.

How they made it work

  • Multi users


    Khoros with Synthesio to monitor social media mentions and understand sentiment, performance, and trends.

  • Multi 206


    Performance and market impact measurements from Synthesio within the Khoros platform.

  • Multi blog


    Khoros to build and run campaigns, identify trends, engage with their client’s audience, and help their client comply with FDA regulations.

  • Multi winner


    Data reports to their client to demonstrate the social volume they handle and update their client about brand conversations.

“It was easy to onboard Khoros, and we are super impressed with everything they have to offer.”
— Jamie Dadant
Social Listening and Community Outreach Manager, Smarty Social Media


With Khoros and Synthesio, Smarty Social Media is able to handle a large volume of issues in less time. The integration helps the team respond more quickly because they’re able to sift through mentions more efficiently, only tagging the relevant mentions, instead of untagging all the noise.

  • 15%

    More followers across all channels

  • 48%

    Increase in year-over-year consumer service issues handled

  • 336%

    Faster Twitter response time