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How Khoros Drives PEXA’s Digital Transformation

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Executive summary

Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) was built to modernize the $7.2 trillion residential property market in Australia, which is the nation’s largest asset and wealth contributor. PEXA alleviates the hassle and delay of arranging printed checks for property transactions by offering electronic financial processing through the Reserve Bank of Australia. An exceptional digital customer experience is crucial to PEXA’s operations, and to achieve their goals, they onboarded Khoros Community.

PEXA’s goal is ambitious: in shifting the property exchange industry in Australia from analog to digital, they are asking an entire industry to change practices that have been ingrained through generations. In order to successfully accomplish their business objectives, PEXA knew that they needed to build trust with their customers. They decided that the best way to build trust was to be open and responsive to feedback from their customers and potential customers. But the problem was access: many of their customers were isolated to state or regional cohorts, or they were limited by Australia’s geographical boundaries. There was no centralized location to offer a connection among people in the industry. And, when people were communicating about PEXA on social, the brand didn’t own the conversations and therefore they could not shape or contribute to those conversations. PEXA wanted to build a centralized hub that could solve all of these issues. PEXA also wanted a simplified way to educate and train customers on their software. With Khoros, PEXA was able to meet every goal.

PEXA now has a broad, inclusive, peer-to-peer communication network where all of their customers can participate and PEXA agents can join conversations where needed and appropriate. The PEXA community also includes easily accessible training modules, a help center, and crowd support. PEXA’s community is a strategic service delivering unprecedented industry collaboration, and the customer experience has greatly improved.

How they made it work

  • Multi 221


    A community that centralized all PEXA-related conversations and eased the transition to digital property exchange.

  • Multi wellbeing


    Insight and knowledge about PEXA’s offerings and inner workings.

  • Multi wifi


    Self-service information about using PEXA’s software.

  • Multi winner


    A peer-to-peer network for property lawyers and financial institutions.

“The success of PEXA’s community is to win the hearts and minds of PEXA members, and in turn earn the right to introduce future services and products within a market prime for digital disruption.”
— Emily Billing
Community Manager, PEXA


Today, the Khoros-powered community has thousands of members who share knowledge, problem-solve, offer support, and can access online training, all of which have significantly improved the PEXA customer experience.

  • 2,500+

    Community members

  • 220+

    Help articles

  • 700+

    Discussions that help members use PEXA more efficiently