Partners for Life

Ancestry honors social media as a communication channel, using every post, comment, or inquiry to actively engage and celebrate their customers. The information gathered in these interactions makes it possible for Ancestry to deeply understand its customers and forge solid relationships with them based on delivering value. Ancestry aligns marketing and social teams around creative campaigns that encourage users to share their own stories and journeys of discovery. The brand distinguishes between customers excited to engage around their stories from those seeking help and cares for each based on shared best practices and messaging. The company’s holistic approach to brand engagement on social media has allowed them to foster a sense of connection with its customer base. Ancestry is able to use insights from its social media program to make tangible updates to its products, aligning with its commitment to deliver best-in-class offerings while remaining customer-obsessed

Ancestry 1
“Creating connection within our Ancestry user community is at the core of everything that we do, and we want to be sure this commitment is reflected in the services we provide for our customers,"”

— Howard Sharpley, Ancestry’s VP of Global Customer Support and Services

  • 20%

    increase in agent efficiency

  • 44%

    of Q1 conversations that started negative turned positive

  • 1 hour

    response time for high-priority queues