Fireside Chat: Be a more agile marketer with NI's Danielle Stapleton

What you’ll learn

How are you keeping up and keeping well as a marketer these days? In this episode of the Fireside Chat Series, Danielle Stapleton from NI (formerly National Instruments) shares her story of rebranding in the middle of a pandemic, and the agile marketing (and personal) strategies she learned along the way. By attending this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Pivot your paid and organic strategy for today’s social media landscape
  • Manage and overcome the stresses of working at home as a marketer
  • Improve brand loyalty with a two-way approach to social media

About our presenter: Danielle Stapleton from NI

Danielle’s 15-year career in marketing and communications has roots in fundraising, but it didn’t take long before she found herself drawn to understanding the ways social and digital media was connecting people around the world. After building a media program at her alma mater, she managed the state lottery social media accounts during a Powerball frenzy. Danielle has always been inspired by the way digital social experiences impact our lives and today she’s bringing that into her work at NI. In her role, she focuses on the company’s holistic paid & organic social strategy, employee brand advocacy, and sharing the impact NI’s customers are having on the world.

The Khoros Fireside Chat is a webinar series with leaders in the social media marketing space. Each episode in the series is thirty minutes long, composed of a twenty-minute chat with a leading brand, followed by ten minutes for Q&A from the audience. In this series, you’ll hear from brands with successful social media presences and learn practical strategies to improve your social media marketing performance during these challenging times.