How National Instruments built their global social media presence with Audience

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Having a tool like Khoros, which enables us as a brand to speak in a more consistent way across the globe, is key.

— Social Media Program Manager, National Instruments

Executive summary

National Instruments, a U.S.-based engineering company, had a solid global presence: offices in 20 countries, from France to Singapore. But their social presence was a patchwork of 57 different accounts that represented the brand world-wide — only 10 of which corporate had passwords for, and none of which were coordinated. To scale their social message globally, and to ensure regional offices were both responding to local needs and coordinating with corporate’s overarching message, National Instruments relied on the Khoros platform.

Corporate headquarters needed to build relationships with social media marketers across the globe to standardize the company’s social message and voice, but they wanted to keep the process collaborative, rather than single handedly take control from each international office. National Instruments also needed to both understand the intricacies of their audience and how to best reach each subset: audience demographic segmenting and audience targeting became effective ways for them to tailor the content and maximize the value of each campaign.

Khoros offered a way for everyone to collaborate on content and connect with the audience in an efficient, fan-facing way. As a result, National Instruments saw a 50% global reduction in time spent contributing to content, along with significant improvements in engagement and year-over-year followers. With the platform, National Instruments is now equipped with the tools it needs to report on content performance throughout its campaigns and quickly identify what type of content works for each of their regional offices.

How they made it work

  • National instruments case study1


    A truly global editorial calendar for everyone to ask questions and align content in order to speak in a consistent way in each country.

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    Khoros to collaborate on responses to customer inquiries and escalate to internal thought leaders, whether the team was in meetings or on the road.

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    fan engagement and interest by country using audience demographics.

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    The purpose and goals of each campaign and reported results within a unified planning interface. Effectively used content labeling for campaign, content, copy, and version reporting.

“I think the number one thing that matters to us at the end of a campaign is which content performed best. That’s the first thing we’ll look at, and I find that using content labels in Khoros helps us pretty quickly identify what type of content works.”

— Social Media Program Manager, National Instruments


  • 50%

    Decrease in time spent contributing content globally

  • 464%

    Increase in engagement over 6 months

  • 27%

    Increase in YOY followers with 0 fan-acquisition dollars spent